2013 US Open Golf Pool – Track Results Online

We can help minimize the time you spend compiling the results of your US Open Golf Pool. Here is a brief rundown of our pool’s features:

  • You manage your own golf picks in which your pool participants draft a team of golfers
  • You choose custom formatting options, including # of golfers chosen, # of scores counted, what to do about Cut
  • Results page sorted by cumulative to par score or dollar earnings
  • Results are updated regularly throughout the tournament

Here is an example where 4 golfers are chosen and the best 3 are counted: Office Golf Pool Earnings

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THIS PROMOTION HAS EXPIRED. You can check out our PGA Fantasy page to sign up to gain the ability to create golf pools.


  1. we ended up having 12 players and not 20. Can we delete players 13-20?

    • Hi Eric, you’ll have to create an entirely new pool or else assign players 13-20 golfers that end up getting cut so they’ll appear on the bottom. Hope that helps.

      Eric, as of 7/28/13 you can now add and delete players at any time. Go to View, enter your pool id, then click edit pool and enter your password. You can delete a player by clicking on the red minus icon next to their name. Additionally, you can add a player by clicking on the Add Player button at the bottom of the edit screen.

      Hope that helps.


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