2019-2020 Season Long Golf Pool

Hooray, the 2019-2020 is finally here! As I type this it seems crazy that it’s already time to switch gears out of 2019 and start thinking about who’s going to be the top dawgs of 2020. Ready or not, the time has come. It’s time to take everything you’ve learned this year and put it into action for the new season, a fresh start, new beginnings, GAME ON BABY!


The official start to the PGA Tour 2019-2020 season kicks off with pegs in the ground at The Old White TPC Course for the Greenbrier Classic on Thursday 9/12. This makes now the perfect time to fire up the troops with an all new Season Long Golf Pool! 


As with all Easy Office Pools offerings you are not only delivered the best, easiest and most accurate pooling options, you’re also free to put your own personal spin/touch/flare to your pool with ease thanks to the systems user friendly flexibility. 


Here’s the decisions you’ll need to consider to get your PGA Tour Season Long Pool up and running.


  1. When do you want your pool season to begin?
    • If you want to match PGA Tour.com this means your pool should go live this Thursday. 
      • One of the great features offered by EOP is you can set your pool to start with any tournament you decide. So if you’re not quite ready don’t beat yourself up, simple set up your pool to start on a date that is convenient to you and your fellow poolies. 
      • Another coming starting point would be the Sony Open which begins on January 9th at Waialae Country Club
  2. What tournaments would you like to include in your pool?
    • As the Grand Poobah of your pool you have the opportunity to pick any combination of events you’d like. We show you the list of options, you click the box on those you want included and we take it from there. 
  3. What players do you want included in your picksheets?
    • You can exclude and include whomever you’d like to create the perfect pool experience for those you invite. You’re presented with the following options to build from:
      • The top 125 from the FedExCup points list from previous season.
      • The 50 golfers that earn their PGA tour card via the Korn Ferry Tour
      • You can customize your golfers by adding additional golfers.
  4. Pick Sheet Options
    • You can select our preset options of players sorted by World Rank for fast easy set up or you can fully customize. 
    • Determine how many tiers you want, how many players you want in each tier and how many picks are required from each tier to complete team selection.
      • Don’t let that scare you, it’s just a matter of few clicks and the software sorts and arranges  accordingly. 


If you’re not ready to rise to the ranks of admin status for all of your buddies we welcome you to join our pool. Click here to join the EOP 2019-2020 PGA Tour Season Long Pool.


Are you ready to get your pool started? Click here to create your pool now!  You’ll be live and ready to send out invites in a matter of minutes! 


Need more? Give us a shout and let us know what you’re after. We’ll do our best to accommodate your specific pool needs. Email – sean@easyofficepools.com


That’s enough out of me. Get out there and bring you friends, family, customers or employee’s a seasons worth of fun, competitive and exciting golf action! 


Happy Pooling!  


Additional Resources: 

Here’s a great cheat sheet with all of the players 2019-2020 fantasy rankings compliments of www.pgatour.com

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