2019 Safeway Open Preview

Who doesn’t love the Safeway Open? A place where stars collide and the games greatest players are sending bombs and attacking pins. It is sure to be a week of fantastic entertainment and some epic golf.

Here’s your EOP report the 2019 Safeway Open.

Featured Groups:

Steph Curry and Phil Mickelson

Justin Thomas and Tony Romo

Thomas Keller and Freddie Couples

Those are some epic pairings and have definitely got our interest!

So what’s the vibe with Pro Ams? Some people love them, some hate them. For EOP it’s all about the entertainment. While a Pro Am definitely brings a different competitive experience, anytime you can get Phil Mickleson and Steph Curry on the same tee box is a win as far as we are concerned!

How about the matchup between Steph and Romo? Where you putting your money? Let’s let the USGA Indexing do the talking…

safeway open steph curry handicap screenshot

safeway open tony romo handicap screenshot

You can throw a benji on Curry for the EOP boys! Although Steph is trending in the wrong direction we think he’s going to show up this week at the Safeway. As for Romo, this will be his 4th attempt at making a PGA Tour cut thanks to another sponsors exemption. Recently reported via the Washington Post if Romo makes it to the weekend he’ll be skipping his commitment in the booth at Sunday’s Bears vs. Vikings game. I don’t think CBS is sweating this one much after a quick look at Romo’s tournament history. Let’s just say it’d be a good idea to top off the tank of his private jet before the weekend.

As for our tour pick for the week…We are going all in on JT. He loves Napa and he loves playing Silverado Resort and Spa.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about Pro AM’s, what celebrity you’d most want to play 18 with and who you think will prevail in the Curry vs. Romo matchup.

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Happy pooling.

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