4 NFL Office Pool Formats (with minimal upkeep required)

If you’ve ever neglected your fantasy football lineup, but still love tuning into games each Sunday, this list is for you. Our short list of fun NFL office pool formats to get going with a group of friends this season.


#1: NFL Wins Pool

Free | 2-16 Players | Low Effort 

Everyone drafts 2-3 NFL teams. Add each of your teams wins together to get your team score. Whoever has the most cumulative wins at the end of the regular season is the winner of the pool.

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#2: NFL 33 Pool

Free and Paid | 2+ Players | Very Low Effort

Each week you are randomly assigned a NFL team. If your team scores exactly 33 points that week, you are a winner. At the end of the regular season, all of the winners split the pot. There are usually only a handful of teams that score exactly 33 points.

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#3: Football Squares

Free | 2+ Players | Very Low Effort

This pool is for a single NFL game. Everyone is randomly assigned 1 or more “squares” on a 10×10 grid. If your name is in the square corresponding to the last digits of each NFL team’s score, you are a winner. Winners are crowned each quarter and split the pot.

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#4: NFL Weekly Pickem on CBS

Free | 1+ Players | Medium Effort

Pick the winners of each NFL game and earn 1 point for each correct pick. Whoever has the most points at the end of the regular season wins. Bonus points for best scores each week.

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What do you think?

If you know of other simple NFL office pool formats that we haven’t listed chime in with a comment below. Any ideas that seem attractive to the general office pool fan might make the cut for our next custom software build.

Enjoy the NFL Season!


  1. Rogelio Garza Jr says:

    NFL Group got bored with Fantasy.

    Want to create a weekly point system to play only on Top 5 pick’em. Top pick earns 5 points, next earns 4, then 3, then two, and the low pick earns 1 pt. At the end of the week all points are tallied and only one winner declared. Tiebreakers are overall point difference and time stamp of selections.

    I’ve found templates/hosts for pick’em but using all weekly games…I want to narrow this down to only 5 … sort of an executive version.

    Any suggestions? Is there anything similar out there already?

    • Rogelio Garza Jr says:

      Executive Pick’em – I like the sound of that!

    • Love the idea! We haven’t seen that limited setup online anywhere nor do we have the tools available to run online. If you find something let us know … will add it to the list for future consideration. -Sean

      • Rogelio Garza Jr says:

        I’m not a programmer, so an app is out of the question, but I can design a spreadsheet that will compare the players list to the winning list for the week, calculate results and declare a winner. I will have to do tiebreakers manually. I’ll let you know what hurtles I encounter along the way.

  2. paul miller says:

    I want to start a “predict the scores” NFL game. I cant find any templates anywhere on line of someone doing this.

    Can you help?

    • Possibly — can you explain how the predict the scores game will work? Do you have to predict the exact score of every game?

      Haven’t heard of anything like this but can keep our eyes peeled if there is interest.

  3. Have used Easy Office Pools for multiple PGA events this past year. Wondering if you will be running an NFL suicide pool?

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