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Grow interest in sports and entertainment worldwide.

Our History

Easy Office Pools was founded in February 2013. The passion for finding enjoyment in random sporting contests had been instilled in me long before 2013, however.

I had tried fantasy football many times, but as a corporate professional who could never finish my task list I continuously found myself neglecting my obligations of updating my fantasy lineup each week. Eventually I realized that the time commitment required for fantasy football made it simply not worth it. I turned in my fantasy football cleats for good.

In August 2012, my friend Paul turned me on to a great alternative to typical Fantasy Football. He forwarded me an article written by Bill Simmons called You Should Have a NFL Wins Pool. This was such a simple idea and great fun … thank you Bill for writing this. I thought for sure there would be a web solution dedicated to managing this type of pool, but after some googling I realized that there was a gap in the fantasy market for this type of solution. I had been searching for a website idea for months and finally had a solid idea. I love sports and I’m a technology nerd, so building this website was fun for me (except when my sister in law scolded me for tuning her out to work on my project … Laura – I appreciate your patience).

In May 2013, we added PGA Fantasy Golf Pools to our portfolio, where golf fanatics can manage pools for PGA tournaments online. We also added our membership area to provide premium services to office pool organizers.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Host Creative Contests
  • Simplify the User Experience
  • Give to the Community

We hope you enjoy the site.
Sean and Tom
(the Easy Office Pools Guys)


  1. Hi, there does nto seem to be a way to see the initial choices in the boxes for our PGA pool. In other words, one can’t go back and see who the better options might have been to pick in each box. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Gordon –

      The pool admin still has access to your picksheet through their admin screen. That is the only way to see the picksheet after the tournament begins. Hope that clarifies! – Sean

  2. Ken Mc Kernan says:

    Hi guys, I just created a PGA Championship pool today (36993) How do I pay you?
    Many thanks

  3. Troy Geyer says:

    Ryan Palmer is not in the US Open field, how do we select him?

    • Hi Troy – Ryan Palmer was a late addition to our field, so he wasn’t automatically added to pools that were setup early. You can add him to your picksheet by using the “Setup Picksheet” option from your admin screen, then choosing the tier from which he should be picked.

      Hope that helps!

  4. How do you see the tiebreakers in the Masters Pool?
    I tied for 1st and can’t see the tiebreaker.

  5. Patrick Kenny says:

    Great website! I’d like to send out a live link for all my entrants to see live scoring…but on my screen it allows for ‘edit pool’. I want to make sure no one can change their picks now that play has started…will they be able to edit if I provide the URL?

    • Hi Patrick –

      Hope you enjoyed your pool. In order to block the edit pool you would have had to reset your password. In general we recommend that the admin doesn’t share their password with entrants because then they can edit anyone’s teams. – Sean

  6. Joe Creager says:

    I see one of entrants has a typo in his email address. As the admin, can I correct this?

  7. Is there a way to edit my masters golf team before they tee off

  8. not a regular in pools but this site made it easy and less confusing than most web sites , thanks .

  9. Phil Ruebel says:

    As the administrator I set up my pool for the Masters a couple days ago and when I look at the entrants it shows a column labeled TB with numbers in relation to par (I assume) by each team and the tournament has not started. What does this mean and have I actually set up a pool for the 2017 Masters?

  10. Hey guys,

    A few quick Q’s! I’ve just upgraded to premium and am setting up my Masters Pool.

    Q1: I’ve setup a custom picking format, but now I would like to change the tiers + amount of golfers per tier. Can I still change this? Nobody has been invited to the pool yet.

    Q2: When are the updated world golf rankings updated to the site & pick sheets? Monday? Can someone pick their team now, and just update it on Monday with the changes?

    Q3: Can the Live results sort by estimated prize money, or just score to par?

    Thanks! Great site!

    • Hi Craig –

      Q1 – This can be modified in the Setup Picksheet link in your admin screen. If you’ve already have teams submitted you may not want to do this though since it could make teams invalid according to your new setup.

      Q2 – World rankings used for the Masters are based on the update on 3/27/17.

      Q3 – Prize money results are available after the tournament is finished. We don’t have an estimated number, so live scoring will update based on strokes to par.

      Hope that answers! – Sean

  11. We are currently running a pool that started the money count from January forward. With your pool manager can we enter all our teams and then “back” select all the tourneys from January on to track the money list?

  12. Hello Sean,

    Im just wondering , is there a way that we can print the entire teams picks. so we can post the picks in our office b/board. User friendly print out. ( I Tried copy paste but it looks ugly and messy.) . Thanks.

    • Hi – we don’t have a print friendly export option. If copying and pasting doesn’t work, can you take a screenshot and print that? Hope that helps. -Sean

  13. Joel Mieses says:


    I want to run an office NBA Pool using your site and I have a few questions.
    1) Is this site still active? I attempted to email my questions to easyofficepools@gmail.com but the address was no longer active.
    2) After you manually award NBA team to your players does the website automatically track and calculate how many wins each players has accumulated?
    3) Where can I find out more about your live scoring feature?


    • Hi Joel- Yes the site is very much alive and active. We receive and respond to easyofficepools@gmail.com emails every day… not sure why it is showing inactive for you. Website automatically tracks wins for NBA teams. The best way to find out more is to create a pool, assign teams, and then monitor the standings as games are completed. It’s free! Hope that helps. -Sean

  14. Jack Molino says:

    I love the website so far. It is really easy to navigate and it sure made it easy throw together a little competition for the Open this weekend. However, why do you need to delete the team if you want to change something simple like the team name or tiebreaker? I don’t know much about websites, but shouldn’t that be an easy fix? Just curious. Otherwise, this is an awesome site.

    • Hey Jack- thanks for reaching out. That is a fix that many have requested. Currently, we only have the delete then re-add method available because other enhancements and fixes have taken priority. Hopefully we can have a fix in place for team editing sometime soon. – glad to hear you enjoy the site otherwise! – Sean

  15. This site is great.

    Is there a way to have the amateurs on your team?

  16. Randy Swant says:

    This years’ Masters is my first try using Easy Office Pools so i will need to see how well the format is received by the participants before being able to comment on the format options. One area that I anticipate might have a greater impact on the overall outcome than the order of top 20 or 30 finishers will be the scores that will be carried forward by those golfers who do not make the cut as those scores could be quite high (amplified by being counted for the 3rd and 4th rounds) that will likely more than offset the low scores at the top.
    In the past we have done just a money winnings total for Masters Tournament and it works out quite well. Have you ever given any thought to doing a straight money winnings total for a stand a lone tournament like the Masters?

    • Thanks for the feedback! We do have money earnings as an option for sorting on our PGA pools. Definitely can help with the cut golfers but takes away a little excitement for tracking results live. Have fun!

  17. Are payments required by Paypal? What if I want to collect cash from the participants?

    • Hi Mike – the PayPal payment is just charged to the Administrotor in order to use our online services. We don’t facilitate any exchange of money between pool participants and admins. Hope that helps! Thanks – Sean

  18. Does everyone have to have their own email? Or can kids enter without email.

    • Hi Kate –

      You can enter a team on behalf of someone else using your email. Also, we have our free pools that will be available on Monday where the administrator enters everyone’s picks manually.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks!

  19. How can the participants in the pool keep up with the scoring the way I see it on my admin screen?

    • Hi Jason,

      Go to the View page, enter your pool id, and grab the url of the results page to share with your participants. Hope that helps. Thanks,

  20. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to say THANKS for hosting the Masters pool this year. There weren’t any other sites out there that made it as easy and free!!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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