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Grow interest in sports and entertainment worldwide.

Our History

Easy Office Pools was founded in February 2013. The passion for finding enjoyment in random sporting contests had been instilled in me long before 2013, however.

I had tried fantasy football many times, but as a corporate professional who could never finish my task list I continuously found myself neglecting my obligations of updating my fantasy lineup each week. Eventually I realized that the time commitment required for fantasy football made it simply not worth it. I turned in my fantasy football cleats for good.

In August 2012, my friend Paul turned me on to a great alternative to typical Fantasy Football. He forwarded me an article written by Bill Simmons called You Should Have a NFL Wins Pool. This was such a simple idea and great fun … thank you Bill for writing this. I thought for sure there would be a web solution dedicated to managing this type of pool, but after some googling I realized that there was a gap in the fantasy market for this type of solution. I had been searching for a website idea for months and finally had a solid idea. I love sports and I’m a technology nerd, so building this website was fun for me (except when my sister in law scolded me for tuning her out to work on my project … Laura – I appreciate your patience).

In May 2013, we added PGA Fantasy Golf Pools to our portfolio, where golf fanatics can manage pools for PGA tournaments online. We also added our membership area to provide premium services to office pool organizers.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Host Creative Contests
  • Simplify the User Experience
  • Give to the Community

We hope you enjoy the site.
Sean and Tom
(the Easy Office Pools Guys)


  1. Jason Maddalena says:

    When will nhl playoff pools be available?

  2. Mark Hogenhout says:

    How do we get paid? And do you update the program live so we can view?

    • Hi Mark – We don’t pay out any prizes. Our site is only used to manage the live scoring and online picksheets – for which we typically charge a $20 fee to the pool admin. We don’t handle any money exchanged between pool participants. Hope that clarifies. -Sean

  3. This site is AWFUL!!! I cant change my team and it is incredibly hard to find out how to do it. It keeps taking me back to the Masters pool I participated in 6 months ago. I’m trying to change my picks and I’m running the pools and it is simply AWFUL!! I’ll look for another website to do future pools.

    • Sorry to hear this Bryon. You can login for the ryder cup here: easyofficepools.com/user … from there you’ll be able to edit your pool and/or your entries so long as the entry deadline for the pool hasn’t passed. Hope that helps – please reach out via email to easyofficepools@gmail.com if we can help further. Sincerely, Sean

  4. How many entrants can I enter into the Ryder Cup pool?

  5. Do you have to pay the fee to play?

    • Hi –

      Our premium pools require payment in order to access your pool leaderboard.

      Premium Features
      The following features are only available for premium, not free pools:
      Early Setup (free pools can only be setup after tournament start)
      Online pick sheets
      Tiers by World Golf Rank
      Daily Scoring (Round by Round & Daily Bests)
      Projected $$ Earnings
      Link for admins to email entrants
      Additional admin functions

      Hope that helps! -Sean

  6. michael mccoole says:

    How do I fully delete my ballot?

    Not edit, but delete?


  7. I am trying to EDIT my golf picks = what should I do ?

  8. Brent Juhnke says:

    An option to be able to add a bonus for picking the winner would be nice. Different tiebreaker options such as the score of your 5th golfer if you are only scoring 4 golfers would be nice as well.

  9. Tom Cramer says:

    It seems that the wins have not yet updated (from yesterday’s games) both the MLB Most Wins pools I set up. Is there a glitch?

  10. Paul Tomisser says:

    What was the exact wording on the tiebreaker? We had three people tie for 2nd in our Master’s Pool (I am paying out 1st, 2nd and 3rd) and I am trying to determine how to pay them out. The wording of the tiebreaker is important in making my case. Thanks.

    • Hi – Here is the wording: What will the winning golfer’s score be at the end of tournament, not including playoff holes? … hope that helps!

  11. Is there a way for entrants to change their team name after their team has been registered. We can see they can change the players chosen, but not the name of their team that will be posted for live tracking.

  12. Can you edit your team name?

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