NBA Wins Pool

This article is for informational purposes only. This format is no longer offered as a systematic online leaderboard offering. Similar to our nhl wins pool, nfl wins pool, and mlb wins pool formats, you can also create and manage a NBA Wins Pool on our site. The concept is simple – get a group of […]

NHL Wins Pool

This article is for informational purposes only. This format is no longer offered as a systematic online leaderboard offering. Our NHL Wins Pool is easy and incredibly entertaining. One of our greatest office pools. Draft several NHL teams and sum their wins to determine your points for the pool. Whoever has the most points at […]

Golf Tiers Based on World Rankings

Check out our new tool to generate tiers for your golf pool based on updated tournament fields and the official world golf rankings. You choose the number of tiers that you want your participants to choose from and our tool will automatically break out the tournament field into groups of golfers based on their current […]

Free Setup for TPC Pools – The PLAYERS Championship 2014

Setup your pool for the Players championship this week. Pools will be available for setup on Wednesday, 5/7/2014. Our service is free to use, easy to setup, and automatically tracks the results near real time throughout the tournament. For details on pool setup read our pga fantasy article. Once we have the field set on […]

Easy Office Pools Biggest Supporters

Many users of our Masters Pool have emailed in this week expressing gratitude for our free site. This is so great to hear. We’ve put a ton of effort into building this and marketing it so people could find it for their golf pools. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR WORDS OF APPRECIATION! We even […]

Masters Pool 2015

  Manage your 2015 Masters Pool on our website to eliminate the hours spent compiling the results of each of your participants golf picks. For 2015 we are offering both a free version as well as a premium version of our Masters pools. Setup Your Pool Pools can be setup until the first tee time. […]

MLB Wins Pool

This article is for informational purposes only. This format is no longer offered as a systematic online leaderboard offering. This is a fun and addicting way to enjoy the baseball season with friends. An easy alternative to your typical maintenance heavy fantasy baseball. If you’ve never ran a wins pool before, below is some information to […]

Olympics Office Pool Format Ideas

2016 Summer Olympic Update The formats described below still apply for the 2016 Summer Olympics. The spreadsheet for Paul’s format was updated on 8/2/2016 with a count of Olympic participants by country. Download Spreadsheet     My friend Paul just shared this Olympics office pool format. He and a few coworkers did this for the […]

NBA Office Pool for Dummies

No need to update your lineup each week.  No need for a lengthy draft. No need to really be knowledgeable about the NBA. Incredibly entertaining? Absolutely. Sound like your kind of low-maintenance Fantasy NBA League? If so, read on. Based on the popular NFL Wins Pool format, we’ve created a NBA office pool format for […]

Football Squares App – Free Squares Setup Online

Looking to make your football party more interesting? Our football squares app will certainly WOW your guests once a personal copy of a pre-filled football squares grid appears as a message on their phone. Our app is sure to be an instant hit as part of your Super Bowl party game list. A few things […]

10 Ideas for Fun Office Pools

Spicing up the water cooler conversation is no small task. If you are not afraid of a little friendly competition with your coworkers you won’t want to miss these 10 simple ideas for organizing an office pool at your workplace. Create a Masters Pool Online setup and automatic scoring for your own Masters pool. Learn […]

2013 US Open Golf Pool – Track Results Online

We can help minimize the time you spend compiling the results of your US Open Golf Pool. Here is a brief rundown of our pool’s features: You manage your own golf picks in which your pool participants draft a team of golfers You choose custom formatting options, including # of golfers chosen, # of scores […]

NHL Playoff Pool – Playoff Hockey Pool Ideas

Although the NHL regular season comes to an end in early spring, your fantasy hockey addictions live on, and you are actively seeking a NHL playoff office pool to heighten your hockey interests through the postseason. Am I Right? If so, read on. Many different formats can be used for a NHL Playoff Pool, but […]

Spring Means Brats, Beer and Beating Your Buddies!

Spring is a time for budding trees, flowers and grass. It’s a time for a fresh start and a new lease on life. It’s also time to gather your buddies together and see who is a true MLB Master Mind. But if you are like most people you love baseball but can’t stand the work […]