Charities Supported by Golf Pools

Starting with the 2015 Masters tournament, we’ve teamed up with various charities donating a portion of our premium golf pool proceeds. The first charity we are supported was St. Baldrick’s, an organization that has raised over 100 Million dollars to support childhood cancer research. Since then, we’ve also supported the charities below.

Kevin Haime Junior Golf Intiative

In 2016 we were able to help Kevin and his initiative get several junior golfers access to top courses to help their development as golfers. Official Junior Golf Initiative website.

St. Baldricks

Below is Doug’s team page that we supported with each and every premium golf pool setup for the Masters on Easy Office Pools.

Hello Everyone,

I am once again going to shave my head in support of Children with Cancer and Children’s cancer Research.  After an overwhelming response last year for me personally as well as our Team I have gotten more involved with the St. Baldrick’s Event and our Team is hoping to have an even bigger Event this year.  Our Team’s goal last year was 25k and after all the dust settled we finished our fundraising 4 dollars short of 45k!  I can’t thank everyone enough for the support.  With that said, this year our Team decided to start with a goal of 55,004 in order to get a 2 year total above the 100k mark.  Parma 8200 has already agreed to host the event for us again this year and we have the event scheduled for Wed. March 11th.  Please help our Team reach our goal for this year by either donating or joining the TEAM.  Also, feel free to join us at the event on the 11th.  The link to our Team site is below in which all of the individual pages for the shavee’s can be accessed.

Quick Link to my individual page:

Thank You in Advance!


Touching Story from St. Baldrick’s

South St. Paul Lions Club

Each summer Easy Office Pools participates in the annual South St. Paul Lions Club golf tournament and helps support the various local community programs they support. Official SSP Lions Club website.

What Charities Should We Support?

We rotate charities that we support for major tournaments. We need your help with recommendations. Ideally charities will support youth and/or sports.

If you have an charity that would be great to support, send us an email at

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