Easy Office Pools User Testimonials

Several Easy Office Pools users have been gracious enough to send some testimonials of positive experiences they’ve enjoyed by participating in one or many of our leagues. We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve all these atypical fantasy sports desires. We want to hear about more experiences; if you’ve also had a positive office pool experience as a result of our website we welcome your comments on Twitter @easyofficepools or else visit our contact us page.

Keith from MN said:

keith office pools testimonialOffice pools allow you to have the “set and forget it” mentality if that is what you prefer. You can be involved with it as much as you want. You have the option of drooling while you are watching SportsCenter and the john lockeEasyofficepools site each and every night, or you can check in once a week to look at your status. It is a great way to connect with a wide range of co-workers. The co-worker that doesn’t follow sports, the casual sports fan, and the avid sports fan will all enjoy Easyofficepools.com. I look forward to putting one together this spring for the MLB season. I love baseball, but I don’t want to have to quit my job in order to participate (competitively) in fantasy baseball. Easyofficepools is to office camaraderie as John Locke was to the island.

Travis from MN said:

travis office pools tesimonial I love this site and how it’s set up! Consider me in for any sport that you decide to offer a pool in!!!


Rick from MN said:

rick office pools tesimonialEven though my teams are not doing very well I have really been enjoying the hockey season even more through Easy Office Pools. I think this site will make the long baseball season more interesting on a day to day basis.


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