FedEx Cup Office Pool

FedEx Cup Pool Screenshot

Setup a FedEx Cup Pool where you select a team of golfers and use their money earnings across the four playoff events to track your spot on your personal pool leaderboard.

How It Works

  • Everyone picks their team prior to the first event
  • Automatically track earnings through our website … no login necessary!
  • Customize the number of golfers that each person picks
  • Customize the number of golfers that count towards final score


  • The winner is the person who’s team earns the most money throughout the included tournaments
  • Money Earnings do not include any “BONUS” money
  • Money Earnings are not awarded to cut golfers for the tournaments in which they failed to make the cut


This pool costs $20 per pool. This is only paid by the pool administrator and is good for all 4 FedEx Cup Playoff events.

Create Your Pool

  1. Go to the money earnings create page
  2. Enter your pool setup information and create your pool
  3. Set the Pick Deadline in your admin screen
  4. Select the 4 FedEx Cup Tournaments in the Tournaments to Include section of your admin screen
  5. Invite others to join your pool

That’s it! Once the each¬†tournament is completed you’ll see the money earnings update for everyone’s team on your pool leaderboard.

We usually have the money earnings updated within 3 hours of the completion of each tournament.


Let us know in the comments below if you have other format suggestions for a FedEx Cup Pool.


  1. Pete Gillespie says:


    Is there a way to set up a bonus system as well for this contest? Example – if all 5 of your selected players advance from the Northern Trust tournament to the Dell tournament, you get a 100k bonus on top of the money that your 5 golfers accrued?


  2. Do you have salary cap format? Would you be able to send me example?

  3. Do your Fed Ex Standings update each day or only after the end of the tournament? If daily, is it real-time as well or only at the end of the day? Second, can you customize to make 5 events, the 4 majors plus the 5th major the players championship?

    • Hi – We don’t really use Fed Ex Standings for anything … you could use our PGA Money Earnings format to create a team and get their earnings for all of the events you customize for your pool. Hope that helps.

  4. Patrick Hubregsen says:

    Hi Guys,

    We are looking for a one and done pool for the entire PGA season that is based off earnings in dollars and not FedEx Cup points. FedEx Cup points place way to big of an emphasis on the playoffs and we prefer the Majors to have more weight.

    Also, it would be great if you could incorporate 3 picks for the majors. One player in the top 50, another ranked 51-100 and a third that is ranked 101+ in the official world golf rankings.

    It would also be nice to select which tournaments people make picks for. Nobody wants to take anyone for the Baracuda Championship or any of the other off week tourneys.

    I used to update all of this manually via spreadsheet but our league is too big now and we are forced to use the FedEx Cup one and done format and quite frankly it is not as fun.

    I think quite a few people would enjoy this format if you were able to make it a reality.


    • Hi Patrick – You could check out our PGA Money earnings format. You pick one team of golfers for the whole year and get their dollar earnings. You specify which tournaments are included. Here is link:

    • Luke Beckman says:

      +1 for what Patrick is requesting….one and done pools. I would suggest being able to use either earnings or FedEx cup points. Even if you were able to start with the simple one and done for both, then maybe add the other ability for what he is requesting.

      i’ve also emailed into you for this suggestion but want to get another vote towards a one and done, being able to choose which tourneys are included and being able to choose earnings or FedEx cup points.

  5. Doug Nurre says:

    FedEx Office Pool idea: Each participant forms a team of golfers and chooses their “starting” lineup for each tournament played. As players miss cuts, their team is limited on who they have to choose from. Last Man Standing, with most points (or dollars), Wins! The field will be divided into tiers as usual. 4 tiers (1st=top 10 wgr, 2nd=11-25, 3rd=26-50, 4th=51-100). Choose 10 player teams. 2 players from tiers 1 & 2 and 3 players from tiers 3 & 4.

    • Great idea, Doug! We working on a format for EOP that will span all 4 fedex cup playoff tournaments and accumulate like you suggested. Hopefully it is read by the time the first event kicks off!

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