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Looking to make your football party more interesting? Our football squares app will certainly WOW your guests once a personal copy of a pre-filled football squares grid appears as a message on their phone. Our app is sure to be an instant hit as part of your Super Bowl party game list.

A few things about our app:

  • It’s 100% Free
  • No signups or accounts required
  • Sharing is enabled and encouraged!
  • Designed specifically for mobile

How it Works

  1. Enter teams and players.

    You enter the names of two teams and between 1 and 100 players.

  2. Randomly populate squares.

    Click the “+” symbol and our app randomly distributes the players on a 100 square grid. If you have 4 players, each player will have 25 squares. Squares will be marked “N/A” if an even distribution cannot amount to 100.

  3. Share squares with your guests!

    Don’t be a square, share your squares! It’s free and easy. This gives your guests a reference point throughout the game.


  • Awards are given at the end of each quarter (you get to determine the award)
  • The last digit of each team’s score is used to determine the winning square each quarter. See example below for more details.

Example and Step by Step


1. Enter the two teams that are playing

2. Enter the names of everyone participating

3. Click the “+” icon

4. View your squares

5. Use your browser’s sharing function to share the link with guests

Other Sports Good for Squares

  • Basketball Squares
    • Format Idea: Instead of only using the score at the end of each quarter, award squares at each commercial break!
  • Baseball Squares (although heavily weighted towards the lower numbers)

Let us know if you have questions or ideas on how our app can be improved by entering a comment below. Your feedback inspires us to build the best tools for sports and entertainment!

Cheers ~

Sean and Tom


  1. Used this in the past but the Team scores do not seem to randomly generate anymore, they both go 0-9. Any chance this can be fixed before Feb 7th 2021?

  2. Sean, this is great, Any chance there is a way to copy and paste from a spreadsheet into your app to populate the names into the squares?
    – Jim

  3. Becky Dinnen says:

    I have now entered 100 names twice for a football square contest and hit the “+” button and it only assigns some of the squares. Is there something wrong with he program tonight? Also, is there anyway to upload an excel list of names so that I do not have to enter each individual name?

    • Hi Becky – Can you email your list of names to ? I can try and see what might be happening with your squares. We have no known issues with the square setup at this time, but sounds like we need to research your issue. There is no way to paste from Excel … thanks for that suggestion we will add it to our list for the future. -Sean

  4. Do the squares have to be distributed evenly?

    • Hi Joel – You have to put in one name per line. But if the same person has more than 1 square you can enter their name more than once. Hope that helps! – Sean

  5. Is there a way I can just send them to the squares vs having to manually add their names? Want to just send a link and they can pick their own squares.

    • Hi Susan – Our system doesn’t allow for people picking their own squares. It is only used to randomize the squares given a list of names. Hope that clarifies! -Sean

  6. Do you have something I can use for a whole season of squares for all Monday Night Football Games?

    • Hi Jeff – Yes, you could use our Football Squares App. For all Monday Night games you could plug in Home and Away and everyone’s names. Hope that helps! -Sean

  7. Ruben Ruelo II says:

    Also have an idea for a pool, not sure if this has been done , but can you do a playoff bracket pool?

  8. Ruben Ruelo II says:

    Would you be able to create a 25 grid squares, we only have 5 players every year and there is not one site that run it.

  9. There should be an option to allow us to pick our own squares. Most of the time people don’t buy the same number of squares. Also, there should be an option to allow us to pick our own numbers after all the squares filled. Pretty much allow us to manually do everything

  10. It would be perfect if I could enter a name and how many squares they bought. That way I can print out a random version of the squares that have been sold. Then the leftovers would be left blank for people to purchase at the last minute.

  11. Hello,
    looking at this grid format seems to be something I would be interested in doing however, I have a few comments.
    with the Eastern teams on one axis and the West on the other, there would not be a box associated with first team out as the east does not play the west until the final. there would also not be a conference loser as the teams would be on the same axis. how is the grid organized to meet these requirements? I’m guessing you would have to wait until all the teams have been seeded and then put them in a specific order

  12. Hi Gavin – I’ll do my best to answer hoping I’m interpreting your question correctly. Let’s say you have the box with the Penguins and the Wild. If the Wild lose to the Predators 4-0 in the first round and the Penguins lose to the Blue Jackets 4-0 in round 1, and those are the first two teams eliminated, then you would win the prize for have the box with the first two teams out. Then, if you have the Blackhawks who lose in the semi finals to San Jose and the Capitals who lose in the semi finals to Philadephia then you also win the prize for the conference final losers. Hope that clarifies! – Sean


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