Masters Pool 2015

2015 Masters Pools


Manage your 2015 Masters Pool on our website to eliminate the hours spent compiling the results of each of your participants golf picks. For 2015 we are offering both a free version as well as a premium version of our Masters pools.

Setup Your Pool

Pools can be setup until the first tee time.

Pools will become available for setup on Sunday, April 5th 2015. Signup below to receive an email reminder. 


Our pools allow you to choose teams of golfers and customize your pool’s scoring options. You get to choose:

  • Number of golfers on each team
  • Number of teams
  • Rank by $ Earnings, Total Strokes to Par, and Individual Round Scoring
  • Score to assign golfers that get cut
  • Number of golfers to count towards standings

Full details on our scoring options can be found on our golf pools page.

Best of all, the scores update automatically … and LIVE!

Check out this example from the 2013 US Open, where the best 5 of the 6 chosen golfers count towards the standings:

2013 british open picks

If you are still using Excel to manage your fantasy golf league, consider upgrading to our automated solution that allows your participants to see standings update live for their picks.

If the format above doesn’t interest you, be sure to check out our compilation of other masters pools formats.

We are always available at if you have any questions about the our offerings.


Sean and Tom
(the Easy Office Pools Guys)


  1. Have you guys considered changing the functionality of the pool so it does allow for daily scoring as mentioned above? It would be nice to track how many under/over each player is on a daily basis. Pools using this functionality would allow for additional winners in their pools. I realize that this can be calculated manually at the end of each day, but until the round is over there is really no way to tell how many under/over your players are until their score has posted. I am not sure how much work it would take to add this functionality, but it could be worthwhile. Regardless, thanks for the work you have already done and for providing this site free of charge!

    • Thanks for the feedback! We’ll add it to our list of desired enhancements. I hope to send a survey out shortly to get a better feel of for all the enhancements people would want and how many people think those are important.


    • Hi Again – I wanted to let you know that we did add the daily scoring option to the site. It is a premium feature that you can test out in a pool prior to the masters if you like. Let me know and I can work out a promo code for you if you are interested for the next PGA tournament. It will track the daily scores throughout each day. -Sean

  2. I’m assuming picks lock at some point?

  3. Tim Boudreau says:

    Just so I make sure I understand how your website will calculate the scores, can you clarify something? I am planning on using the lowest 4 of 6 golfers in my pool. Can I award winners for the lowest 4 rounds of six each day? I am assuming I can calculate it myself, but I was wondering if your website will highlight the daily winners. I hope you understand what I am saying, but I cannot figure out a way to explain it in a simple manner. Basically I want to pay the lowest 4 scores of the six golfers picked 20% of the total pot for rounds 1, 2, and 3. Then I would pay the remaining 40% to the entrant who had the lowest 4 of the 6 at the end of the tournament. Does the total score only take the finishing scores of the lowest 4 golfers or does it take a cumulative of the low four of 6 each day.

    • Hi Tim,

      It will calculate the lowest four progressively throughout the tournament. It will not save scores at the end of each day. You would have to manually calculate it if you need to look at it day by day. The total score will take the finishing scores of the lowest 4 golfers.


    • Hi Tim – I just setup your daily scoring format as a premium option for our golf pools. Let me know if you are still interested and I can explain or let you test out for a tournament before the Masters. -Sean

  4. Scott P. Johnson says:

    Thanks for this.

    Any suggestions for tie breakers? (Our pool is pick 6, play 5, cut/WD = highest carded score)

    Maybe Low Amateur final score?

    • Hi Scott – A couple of tie breaker options are:

      1) guess the winners final score (example: -11)

      2) of your 6 golfers, do a scorecard playoff to see who has the best individual score. For example, if you have Adam Scott as your best golfer (9 under) and Phil Mickelson as your second best (8 under), and the person you tied with has Adam Scott as their best (9 under) but also has Rory McIlroy (9 under), then the person you are tied with wins.

      Hope that makes sense. Good luck in your pool!

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