PGA Golf Pools – Single Tournament

If you’d prefer to spend your Monday morning in the office relishing over your golf pool victory instead of compiling the results from last weekend’s tournament, you definitely need to check out our office golf pools.

Screenshots – Premium Pools

Live Scoring

Refresh the scoreboard when golfers finish holes.

(1) Live Scoring Golf Pool

Flexible Scoring

Sort by $$ earnings, to par, or rounds.

(4) Round by Round Scoring Golf Pool


View live scoring without the details of golfers.

(3) Leaderboard View Golf Pool


Everyone picks their teams online.

(2) Custom Picksheets Golf Pool

Setup Options

Choose easy setup or keep your existing format.

Setup Options

Custom Setup

Configure tier setup, cut golfers, golfers counted.

Custom Setup

Easy Invites

Easily send an invite to everyone in your pool.

Invite Others

Hide Picks

Picks are hidden until the tournament begins.

Hide Picks

Read below to learn how you can manage your golf pool online, using the custom settings that everyone in your pool loves, without the time sucking spreadsheets and email updates.

Create Pool

Screenshot – Free Pools

For free pools, you enter teams yourself. Here is the screen where you enter picks. Free pools can only be setup after the tournament begins on Thursday.

Update Office Pool

Example – Try It Out

Click this live example from a previous PGA Major pool using a personalized URL for pool #736.


The following benefits are afforded to you as the golf pool administrator:

Time savings. Take back your Monday morning by saving the precious time otherwise spent compiling your golf pool results.

Live score updates. Keep all of your pool participants well informed without any manual effort on your part as an administrator. Once your picks are initially configured, pool participants can access your personalized web link to get up to date standings … and they’ll no longer bug you with emails asking for pool updates!

Mobile friendly. Use your mobile device to track standings. Our website is conveniently formatted to present information beautifully on any device.

No hassling of account setups. Only the administrator sets up an account to manage the pool picks and format options. Everyone else gets to sit back and simply enjoy without having to setup an account.

Charitable. If you setup a premium pool, a portion of the proceeds go to charity. See how we are teaming up with different charities for Major golf tournaments. We are always looking for recommendations on who to support, ideally youth and/or sports related. Email if you have a recommendation.

Configuration Options

The following features can be configured for each pool. Features in blue italics are only available with a premium pool setup.

# Players – Between 2 and 100 players can participate in pools. Unlimited for premium pools. 

Setup – As the commissioner you are responsible for collecting all the picks from everyone in your pool. When picks are received you are responsible to enter those into your pool’s edit screen. For premium pools, everyone fills out a picksheet online and the administrator is not responsible for manually entering picks. 

Cost – Free or a $20 charge for each pool setup, paid by the pool admin. 

# Golfers – Each player can choose between 1 and 20 golfers to form their team. For premium pools, this selection is called # Golfers Chosen from Each Tier. If you have 6 tiers and want everyone to choose 1 golfer from each tier, you’ll end up with a total of 6 golfers on everyone’s team. 

# Golfers to use – By default all golfer’s scores are counted, but you can choose to count only the top 4 from each team, for example. This helps when some of your golfers don’t make the cut … by only using only your best golfers you minimize the impact that those golfers have on your overall score.

Cut Options – If a golfer doesn’t make the cut, he can be assigned an 80 for rounds 3 and 4 or the highest score from the rest of the field for rounds 3 and 4.

Strokes or Earnings – When viewing results for your pool, you can sort by either your team’s total strokes to par or your team’s total dollar earnings.

Projected Earnings – PREMIUM POOLS ONLY. Throughout the tournament projected earnings are recalculated based on the current leaderboard.

# Tiers – PREMIUM POOLS ONLY. Golfers can be separated into different tiers on the picksheet based on world rankings. For example, you can split the field into the 3 different groups of golfers. The first group has the 10 best golfers in the field, the second group has the 11th – 20th best, and the remainder of the field is in the 3rd group. 

# Golfers in Each Tier – PREMIUM POOLS ONLY. You can limit the amount of golfers in each tier from the world rankings. This helps diversify the teams that are chosen by everyone. For example, if this you have 10 tiers and 2 golfers in each, everyone in your pool is forced to select either the #1 or #2 ranked golfer from the field as their selection from tier 1.

Round by Round Sorting – PREMIUM POOLS ONLY. Players in your pool can be ranked based on their team of golfers individual daily rounds. 

Leaderboard View – PREMIUM POOLS ONLY. This will give you a summarized view of your pool by hiding all of the individual golfers and only displaying each team’s total score and the position in the rankings. 

Create Premium

The Finer Details for Pool Admins and Participants

Our Fee – If you create a paid pool, your entry fees will be used to improve the site. There is a separate fee for each pool setup. These fees are in no way related to gambling. We do not manage any gambling related activity on our site. We only provide a way for your to setup and track standings easily for entertainment purposes.

Pick Locks (not applicable for free pools) – Entrants are not be allowed to add or update teams after the first tee off. No exceptions. Only the admin is able to add or delete teams after that time. If someone’s picks need to change after this time, the admin is responsible to create a new team for them and delete their old team.

Free Pools – If you create a free pool there are no pick locks. You can make updates on behalf of you participants throughout the tournament.

Withdrawals – It is the responsibility of pool admins and participants to insure teams are updated appropriately and monitor player withdrawals leading up to the tournament.

Sort Options – It is up to you to decide how to score your pool. There are several options on the View page, so make sure your participants know which of the sort options are in play for your pool.

Playoff Holes – Should golf tournaments end in a playoff, the golfers in the playoff will not receive credit for the strokes earned or lost during the playoff.

Tiebreakers – Pool admins can decide on a tiebreaker. For premium pools, there is a field for everyone to guess the final score of the golfer that wins the tournament. Here are some additional ideas to manage tiebreakers:

  • Every winner is treated evenly
  • Everyone guesses the final score for the golfer that wins the Tournament
  • Have a scorecard playoff with the best players on the team. For example, if I have Tiger at -5 and Rory at -3, and you have Bubba at -4 and Phil at -4, then we both have -8 but I win because when we match my best against your best mine is better.

Tournaments and Timing

For a live listing of upcoming tournaments, check out our PGA Fantasy Tournaments Page.

Below is a listing of all of the tournaments we’ve hosted. Pool configuration is available after the field is set for each tournament (usually the Wednesday before the tournament).

For Major Golf Tournaments, The PLAYERS Championship, and other select tournament the pools are available up to a week and a half ahead of the tournament start, when the field is close to final.

Masters Tournament
U.S. Open Golf Championship
The Open Championship (the British Open)
PGA Championship
Waste Management Phoenix Open
THE PLAYERS Championship
FedEx St. Jude Classic
AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
Shell Houston Open
Sony Open in Hawaii
BMW Championship Open
TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola
Hyundai Tournament of Champions
Farmers Insurance Open
Wells Fargo Championship
Humana Challenge in partnership with the Clinton Foundation
RBC Canadian Open
Valero Texas Open
The Barclays
HP Byron Nelson Championship
CIMB Classic
Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard
The Greenbrier Classic
the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide Insurance
John Deere Classic
Quicken Loans National
The McGladrey Classic
RBC Heritage
Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial
AT&T National
World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational
Zurich Classic of New Orleans
Deutsche Bank Championship
Valspar Championship
OHL Classic at Mayakoba
Travelers Championship
The Honda Classic
Wyndham Championship
World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship
Shriners Hospitals for Children Open

If you love organizing pools to make sporting events more interesting, but don’t love the time it takes to organize and disseminate the results, get started now by signing up below.

Change History

  • May 2013 – Initially created golf pools
  • July 2013 – Add and remove players from your pool. Create pools for major golf tournaments as early as Sunday.
  • August 2013 – Sort by end of the tournament dollar earnings.
  • May 2014 – Frequency pools update increased from 30 minutes to every 5 minutes. Select up to 20 golfers instead of 10. Count between 1 and 20 golfers towards final score instead of only top 3 or bottom 3.
  • July 2014 – Created golf tier generator that allow you to break out golfers into tiers based on world rankings.
  • January 2015 – Created premium golf pools with picksheets, round by round scoring, picks lock when tournaments begin.
  • February 2015 – Leaderboard view and multiple payment options for premium pools. Ranking position displayed next to each entrant.
  • May 2015 – Tiebreaker question added for premium pools. Added the option to get all entrants email addresses on the admin page. Automatically hide picks before the start of golf tournaments unless the admin wants picks displayed. Simplified the premium pool setup screen to include 3 setup options: (1) 6 Tiers Use Best 4 Golfers; (2) No tier restrictions, choose anyone; (3) Custom setup where you get to define how the tiers are broken out. Allow users to choose entrant passwords instead of randomly assigning them. Added quick share features for inviting others to your pool. Enhanced the user interface so it is more clear on navigating the system. Resolved timing issues that caused confusion during the Masters Pool setups. Automated the password reset process to improve response time. Added player details popup that allows you to see player names, team names, and tiebreaker choice. Eliminated the $1 payment option for premium pools.
  • March 2017 – Custom picksheet setup. Admins can assign specific golfers to specific tiers.
  • April 2017 – Project $$ Earnings throughout the tournament. Dollar earnings are recalculated after golfer finish holes and move up or down the leaderboard.
  • June 2017 – Daily Scoring. Use the best scores from each day to form your total score. Just like college golf.

What’s Your Format?

Send us an email or comment below if you have questions regarding our golf format or ideas for new features we could add to help get you out of Excel and make your pool managing life easier.

Cheers to your enjoyment of the golf season!


  1. We have a live draft. We want to have commissioner enter everyone’s picks. Is that option know gone?

  2. Rick Crane says:

    I have 20 guys but some of the guys are going to pick 3 sets of 6 players. Can that be done? So in other words I will end up with 26 (picks of six) spread across 20 guys.

    • Hi Rick – I think I’m following. You can definitely do this. The guys that are picking 3 sets just need to use different team names for each of their sets. Let me know if that helps. Thanks!

  3. Is the fee for the entire season or will I have to pay for each tournament?

  4. I would like to use the premium service for the daily scoring and the leaderboard features, but won’t use for golfer selection. I can upgrade to use these features after my pool is set up, correct?


    • Exactly right. You’ll be able to enter everyone’s picks in a free pool and then upgrade after your pool is created. This will give you access to leaderboard and round by round scoring.

      Free pools can be configured starting Monday, April 6th.

  5. I am setting up a premium masters pool and have 2 questions. How can the members only see who they are picking and not the other members choices? Also I tried to edit my team and it says that the deadline has passed to edit (something about 1970) how can I edit my team?

    • Hi Abbie- You should be able to edit your team now by click the “edit my team” on your view page. You’ll have to enter your credentials.

      Right now there is no way to hide everyone’s picks. I’ll try and tackle that for you. You’d like all picks hidden until the first tee off, correct? The same time that everyone will no longer be able to make edits to their teams?

  6. I have run a pool for the last 4 years where we pick 6 golfers and only allowed to pick the same golfer twice thru the four majors. Can it be set up just for majors for all 4 or do I have to restart it every tourney?

    • Hi Mike-

      You have to enter the teams separately for each tournament. You could use our free pool setup and manually manage everyone’s picks for each major, then enter their teams and our site will track the results automatically.

      Hope that helps. Thanks,

  7. A small group of us (five guys) have played the ESPN Best Ball Challenge for years, and we just learned they’re no longer continuing it. Would you guys be able to create a pool format that is similar to that? Here’s what we would need:

    1. A salary cap player list (four players selected)
    2. The ability to change the roster once after the cut (0-4 players changed)
    3. Scoring based upon best ball for each hole
    4. A tournament for each of the four majors

    Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated. We had no idea ESPN was dropping their site and we’re a bit panicked.

    • Hi Andrew- sorry to hear about the discontinuation of your ESPN pool! Hopefully they bring it back.

      We aren’t collecting statistics at that detailed of a level so cannot accommodate this format right now.

      I’ll definitely add it to the list for long term consideration, though, in case there is more interest and we decide to collect more detailed stats.


      • Sean, very kind of your to reply.

        Our group is very determined. We built our own custom spreadsheet where we will manually enter the scores for our golfers on each hole, but the calculations will take care of themselves.

        The more challenging part is coming up with salaries for the field, but we’re getting there. The Masters field is relatively small, so it’s easier than say the U.S. Open. Thanks for thinking of this in the future. ESPN was the only site I could find that used the team best ball format, which made for an exciting game.


        • jeff biddle says:

          We are having the same issue. I have about 50 guys involved with ESPN Best Ball that is being discontinued this year. I think there is a market for someone to duplicate the format for those of us that have established leagues.

          • We are in the same boat, loved the ESPN best ball, we have a very disappointed group of about 60 players looking for a solution, any luck yet??

        • I suppose you could take the salary caps off draft kings, we were thinking about doing it manually as well but seems like a real pain….

    • Andrew,

      We are in the same boat, loved the ESPN best ball, we have a very disappointed group of about 60 players looking for a solution, any luck yet??

  8. Hi Sean,

    Let’s say I have 100 guys and all I want to do is have them pick 12 golfers for the entire season (not tourney by tourney), say from the Masters til the last tournament of the season. Is that simply a one time $20 fee and I just enter the teams? Then any one of the 100 players can log on and check the standings? Thx so much, Ronnie

    • Hi Ronnie – As it is designed today you are required to setup a new pool for each tournament. Let me know if you have a specific format that you’d want and I can see how difficult it would be to add to the site and if it’s substantial we could negotiate one season long price.

      If anyone else stumbles upon this thread and would be interested in the same type of format please respond and I can make sure that I build something that would meet everyone’s needs.


      • Jeff Wilken says:

        I’m trying to set up a season long pool for 25 to 30 guys just keeping track of players salary earnings 12 golfers per team. No other website that I have found offers this. Is it possible to set this up on Thanks, Jeff

        • Hi Jeff

          A few people have asked about this. We are thinking to build this starting this season, but don’t have anything for you right now. Do you count earnings from all tournaments or just certain PGA events? Thanks for reaching out. -Sean

          • Jeff Wilken says:

            We count all tournaments. I’m probably going to keep track of this years pool on an excel sheet but if this option is available for next season I will use it for sure! Thanks

      • Geoff Dunn says:

        We also do a season long pool, where the players total money earnings are used for the entire season to calculate the monthly and yearly pool winners. We have used other providers in the past, but have not been pleased with the pool providers calculations/services. We are looking for a new provider to assist us with these calculations. Thanks. -Geoff

  9. Can we configure a pool to providr points for top 10 finishers only? 20 points for 1st 10 points for 2 nd 9 points 3rd down to 1 for 10th?

    • Hi Craig – Our pools cannot be configured as you descibed … you are only able to score it by strokes to par or dollar earnings.

      Thanks for reaching out.


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