PGA Single Golf Tournament Rules


​The scoring can be handled multiple ways. Leaderboards can have multiple scoring options. Each pool admin decides what is in play for their pool.

Official & Projected Earnings


It is up to each pool admin to handle any tiebreakers. Each entrant submits a guess at the winning golfer’s final score, not including playoff holes. If more is needed to break the tie, the pool admin has final say. The order of the results on the leaderboard will not reflect tiebreaker selections. If in a tiebreaker situation, you'll have to manually determine who the winner is by clicking the team name or using the pool admin screen.

Cut Golfers & Withdrawn Golfers Scores

After the cut is determined you’ll notice that cut golfers will get assigned a score automatically for rounds 3 and 4. Withdrawn golfers (or anyone that doesn't finish all 4 rounds) will get assigned a score automatically for any rounds not finished. The score will be 80 or the Highest Carded Round for that round, depending on your pool's selection. The highest carded round will fluctuate throughout the day until all rounds are completed for that day.

Crossed Out Golfers

Many pools count only a subset of golfers chosen, and the golfers not counting towards the final score will be crossed out. Crossed out golfers will change based on the best golfers on each person's team as the tournament plays out. This setting can be changed in the scoring section of the pool admin page.

Custom Leaderboard Views

Pools with more than 500 entries or consuming a lot of technical resources may get a custom leaderboard view to accommodate the large pool size.

Playoff Holes

Should the tournament end in a playoff, the golfers in the playoff will not receive credit for the strokes earned or lost during the playoff. The results of the playoff will influence the earnings each golfer is awarded, aligning to official earnings.

Our Fee

Pools with more than 4 entries (also known as "Teams") require payment of $20. There is a separate fee for each pool setup. These fees are in no way related to gambling. Our site is for entertainment purposes only.