Spring Means Brats, Beer and Beating Your Buddies!

Spring is a time for budding trees, flowers and grass.

It’s a time for a fresh start and a new lease on life.Temperature

It’s also time to gather your buddies together and see who is a true MLB Master Mind.

But if you are like most people you love baseball but can’t stand the work that goes into managing a MLB fantasy team.

Think about all the work

  • Managing the lineup each week or each day frankly.
  • Dealing with all the injuries and trades
  • Oh, yeah and the 163 game schedule1

But fantasy baseball doesn’t have to be a maintenance nightmare.

There is a much easier and just as fun way to get a friendly Office Pool going with you and your friends.

Below are a two different  examples of passive fantasy baseball options that will provide you and your “bros” hands free fun once the offical baseball season kicks-off!

1. Team Wins Pool

This is a super easy yet fun way to follow certain teams throughout the season

Each person drafts several teams (You can involve any number of people, each

This is "Dan"

This is “Dan”

selecting as many teams as you prefer.) at the beginning of the season.   For example let’s say that you drafted Detroit and the Nationals.  And then your co-worker (we’ll call him “Dan” to protect his identity) selects Minnesota and Royals…Ouch!

Then you simply enter your teams into www.easyofficepools.com and it will collect and total the number of wins for each of your teams throughout the year.

All you have to do is focus on you trash talking, sending hate mail and making sure “Dan” never forgets who the greatest baseball mind is in the entire office!

Then at the end of the season when it is officially confirmed that Detroit and the Nationals accumulated more wins than Dan’s AAA teams you can start the celebration!

Maybe even quit your job, kiss the hot receptionist and party like it’s 1999!  ( that is totally your call)


2. Home Runs Pool

Another fun option for a spring baseball pool is to have each person select any number of fantasy baseball players at the beginning of the season based on whom they believe will hit the most home runs.

For example in 2012 if you picked Ryan Braun (41 home runs) and Giancarlo Stanton (37) in 2012 versus “Dan’s” Joe Mauer (10) and Jim Thome (8), you would have once again crushed Dan because his players had 18 total HRs and yours had 78.

Same logic holds true to involve as many people selecting as many home run hitters as you prefer. You could also switch it up by doing RBIs, stolen bases, pitcher wins, etc.

(*DISCLAIMER — www.easyofficepools.com is not responsible for Dan’s or any of your buddies lousy picks.)

The beauty

The beauty of both of these pools is that after the initial setup you don’t need to maintain anything ongoing.
Here’s to enjoying the painfullylong baseball season during months other than September!!


Cheers to EasyOfficePool.com!

You can just sit back and relax!

This Bud’s For You,

The Easy Office Pools Guys!


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