Top 10 Golf Roads In The United States

I recently found myself lost in another one of those dang buzzfeed quizzes I swore I’d stop doing a long time ago. For some reason I can’t resist seeing how I stack up against the rest on how many countries I’ve visited, states, weird things I’ve eaten blah blah blah… This recent quiz was how many of the Top 10 most famous streets in the United States have you visited. 

If you asked me to name the most famous streets in the U.S. there’s no question Magnolia Lane would be one of the first that came to mind. Unfortunately there’s not quite enough golf nuts out there to have it make google’s Top 10.  

Here’s Googles Top 10 Street’s In The U.S.

  1. Wall Street – New York City
  2. Pennsylvania Avenue – Washington D.C. 
  3. Broadway – New York City
  4. Bourbon Street – New Orleans
  5. Hollywood Boulevard – Los Angeles
  6. Las Vegas Boulevard – Las Vegas
  7. Lombard Street – San Francisco
  8. Rodeo Drive – Beverly Hills
  9. Sunset Boulevard – West Hollywood
  10. Michigan Avenue – Chicago

That’s great and all but we’re not here to talk about Hollywood we’re here to talk about golf. This has led me down another rabbit hole in search of the most famous “golf” roads in the U.S. Here’s the best list I can come up with of roads sure to give you all those golf feels before you’ve even put a peg in the ground.

EOP’s Top 10 Golf Roads in The U.S.

  1. Magnolia Lane 
  2. 17 Mile Drive
  3. 1 E Atlantic Ave 
  4. Tuckahoe Road 
  5. Carolina Vista Drive 
  6. Honoapiilani Highway 
  7. Sebonac Inlet Road 
  8. Round Lake Road 
  9. Lakeshore Road 
  10. Newport Coast Drive 

Take The Quiz!

Can you name the course that you’ll find on each road in the photo collage?

answers: a) Pine Valley Golf Club – 1 E Atlantic Ave b) Pelican Hill Resort – Newport Coast Drive c) Pinehurst Resort – Carolina Vista Drive d) Kapalua Resort – Honoapiilani Highway e) Shinnecock Hills Golf Club – Tuckahoe Road f) Pebble Beach Golf Links – 17 Mile Drive g) National Golf Links of America – Sebonac Inlet Road h) Whistling Straits Golf Course – Lakeshore Road i) Augusta National Golf Club – Magnolia Lane j) Bandon Dunes Resort – Round Lake Road

How Did You Do?

0 correct: If you don’t get Magnolia Lane I don’t think we can be friends anymore.
1-3 correct: You still can’t break a 100 but you appreciate great golf courses.
4-6 correct: You’ve planned your epic weekend buddy trip but not sure how to convince the Mrs. it’s worth it.
7-8 correct: Are you looking for a 4th? I think we should hang out!
9-10 correct: You are a golf master and everyone should stop and bask in your presence.

How’d I do on the list? I’m sure you’re saying to yourself how did this idiot forget about this road or that road? If that’s the case, let’s see your vote in the comments below along with which of those listed you believe should be dropped to include yours! Our committee will review and adjust if deemed worthy. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Pooling!

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