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Do You Struggle to Run Your Golf Pool?

Has your pool outgrown your spreadsheet solution?

Does your pool constantly reach out for standings updates?

Do you spend hours calculating results for your pool?

Do you collect picksheets filled with errors?

Would you like to spend more time watching PGA tournaments?

Have you wondered if there is a better way to run your golf pool?

Does your pool use custom settings? Use a custom picksheet or scoring setup.

Discover An Easier Way to Run Your Pool

Since 2013, Easy Office Pools has helped over 150,000 people world-wide by giving them a simple and easy online solution for running their PGA pool. We know first-hand how much time you can waste creating and managing a PGA pool for your friends. You can use the most popular pool formats or customize your own.

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When it comes to running a PGA pool, most organizers are overwhelmed by how much work it is entering everyone's picks and updating scores throughout the entire tournament. At Easy Office Pools, we understand you need an easier way to create and manage your PGA pool so you can so you can get back to enjoying the tournament, bantering with friends and relax having the ultimate confidence your pool is being run smoothly.

Here's how we do it. Step 1: Create a Pool. Step 2: Pick Your Format. Step 3: Invite Your Friends. Step 4: Kick-back & Relax as we'll handle the rest!

So, Create a Pool Today! It's time you stop manually calculating those scores, screaming how much you hate EXCEL and instead run the best PGA pool ever! At Easy Office Pools we believe running a PGA pool shouldn't be a giant headache.

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Live Scoring

Refresh the scoreboard when golfers finish holes.

(1) Live Scoring Screenshot Golf Pool

Pick Your Team

Your poolies pick their team of golfers online.

(2) Pick Your Team Screenshot Golf Pool

Easy Invites

Easily send an invite to everyone in your pool.

Invite Others

Pool Settings

Configure your pool with endless options.

Setup Options

Host a Draft

Draft teams offline and quickly plug them in.

Host a Draft

Daily Scoring

More scoring options using best from each day.

Daily Scoring Options

Projected Earnings

Project each golfers earnings, LIVE.

Project Earnings


Choose exactly how your picksheet is setup.

Customizable Picksheet

Much More!

Many additional options to configure your pool.

More Scoring Options

If you run a golf pool, you need Easy Office Pools.

See how it works. Watch video.

How It Works

4 Steps to Running Your Pool

1. Create Your Pool

With a simple click of a button you can start creating your PGA Pool.

2. Pick Your Format

Next, select the format you want for your pool. Use a pool template or custom pool settings.

3. Invite Your Friends

Invite your friends with a text or email. No login necessary - just click the link to join.

4. Be The Hero

Enjoy your live leaderboard once the golf begins. Everyone in your pool will love it!

What Users Are Saying

The feedback I got from using this pool vs my Excel spreadsheet was fantastic. People loved the ability to check the website for live updates on the scoring. Masters Pool Feedback from James
I will be running all of my pools with you from now on. The ease of use for my players and the look and functionality of the leaderboard was flawless. Mike from Fenway Golf Club

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  • Live Scoring

  • Online Picksheets

  • Standard or Custom Setups

Quit Wasting Time ...

Stop entering everyone's
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Stop emailing updates
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