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Manage your pool with ease and flexibility. We’ll handle the scoring and entry forms.

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Golf Pool Screenshots

Live Scoring

Refresh the scoreboard when golfers finish holes.

(1) Live Scoring Screenshot Golf Pool

Pick Your Team

Your poolies pick their team of golfers online.

(2) Pick Your Team Screenshot Golf Pool

Easy Invites

Easily send an invite to everyone in your pool.

Invite Others

Pool Settings

Configure your pool with endless options.

Setup Options

Host a Draft

Draft teams offline and quickly plug them in.

Host a Draft

Daily Scoring

More scoring options using best from each day.

Daily Scoring Options

Projected Earnings

Project each golfers earnings, LIVE.

Project Earnings


Choose exactly how your picksheet is setup.

Customizable Picksheet

Much More!

Many additional options to configure your pool.

More Scoring Options


Save Time Without Account Hassles

  • Live leaderboard updates automatically
  • Premium admin features
  • No registered accounts necessary for your office pool participants.


Office Pool Testimonials

Hands down the most seamless, enjoyable pool experience I’ve ever had. Been running a Majors pool for the last 7 years, and although I had it down to a science in Excel, it paled in comparison to easyofficepools.

– Christopher

Really easy to use and saved me a ton of time as organizer! All participants really liked it as well!

– RD

Sean – the feedback I got from using this pool vs my Excel spreadsheet was fantastic. People loved the ability to check the website for live updates on the scoring. GREAT job!

– James

Your team/site so far exceeded my expectations this past week that I will be running all of my pools with you from now on. The ease of use for my players and the look and functionality of the leaderboard was flawless.

– Mike from Fenway Golf Club

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