2019 PGA Money Earnings Pool

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Masters Pool Desktop Phone

Save Time Without Account Hassles

  • Near real time updates for major sport events.
  • Free and premium pools available.
  • No registered accounts necessary for your office pool participants.

Golf Pool Screenshots

Live Scoring

Refresh the scoreboard when golfers finish holes.

(1) Live Scoring Golf Pool

Flexible Scoring

Sort by $$ earnings, to par, or rounds.

(4) Round by Round Scoring Golf Pool


View live scoring without the details of golfers.

(3) Leaderboard View Golf Pool


Everyone picks their teams online.

(2) Custom Picksheets Golf Pool

Setup Options

Choose easy setup or keep your existing format.

Setup Options

Custom Setup

Configure tier setup, cut golfers, golfers counted.

Custom Setup

Easy Invites

Easily send an invite to everyone in your pool.

Invite Others

Hide Picks

Picks are hidden until the tournament begins.

Hide Picks

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