PGA Tour Money Earnings Pool

Let’s say you have 100 guys and all you want to do is have them pick 12 golfers for the entire season (not tourney by tourney), say from the Masters til the last tournament of the season. Then any one of the 100 players can log on and check the standings? Is that possible?

Thx so much, Ronnie

This feedback from one of our customers inspired us to create the PGA Tour Money Earnings format, which allows you to host a pool formatted exactly as described above.


Pick a team of golfers that earns the most money (collectively) over the course of several tournaments.


Create your pool.


Live Example

Check out this example pool from the 2018/19 PGA season which includes all tournaments.

  • Click team name to see individual golfers earnings
  • Use the tournament dropdown to see earnings for a specific tournament

Example PGA Money Earnings Pool Leaderboard

The Benefits

  • Don’t waste time tracking stats – we’ll handle it automatically
  • Feel good about keeping everyone in your pool updated – everyone visits your personal web page to see live standings as money earnings are posted
  • Don’t worry about maintaining a lineup – everyone picks a team once then sits back and enjoys for the rest of the season
  • Save time collecting picks – at the beginning of your pool everyone fills out online pick sheets. Or you can enter all the picks form an offline draft.
  • Trust in the accuracy of the golfer salary earnings – we gather initially then double check everything

Customization Options

  • Choose the number of golfers everyone picks
  • Choose how the picksheets are setup
  • Choose tournaments included
  • Get entries with online picksheet
  • Enter picks from offline draft

Golfers Available for Selection

  • The top 125 from the FedExCup points list from previous season.
  • The 50 golfers that earn their PGA tour card via the Korn Ferry tour
  • You can customize your golfers by adding additional golfers.
  • You can setup your pool so that poolies can pick from different golfer groupings based on their world rank, or simply let them choose any golfer without restriction.


The cost of this pool is $20 per season, paid only by the pool admin.