2020 US Open Golf Pool – Setup Your Custom Pool

Create a U.S. Open Golf Pool and enjoy the following benefits as a pool administrator:

  • Live, Automated Scoring
  • Custom Format Options
  • No Spreadsheets
  • No Emails
  • Optional Tiers from World Rankings
  • Score by Strokes
  • Score by Dollar Earnings
  • Round by Round Scoring
  • Plus much more …


Live Scoring

Refresh the scoreboard when golfers finish holes.

(1) Live Scoring Screenshot Golf Pool

Pick Your Team

Your poolies pick their team of golfers online.

(2) Pick Your Team Screenshot Golf Pool

Easy Invites

Easily send an invite to everyone in your pool.

Invite Others

Pool Settings

Configure your pool with endless options.

Setup Options

Host a Draft

Draft teams offline and quickly plug them in.

Host a Draft

Daily Scoring

More scoring options using best from each day.

Daily Scoring Options

Projected Earnings

Project each golfers earnings, LIVE.

Project Earnings


Choose exactly how your picksheet is setup.

Customizable Picksheet

Much More!

Many additional options to configure your pool.

More Scoring Options

2020 US Open Field

Create Your Pool


Send your questions and feedback by emailing us at easyofficepools@gmail.com. We are continuously improving the features of our pools to make them easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

If you’ve never participated in one of our golf pools before, read about the details to learn how they work.

Enjoy the US Open!



  1. Michael H. says:

    Good afternoon,

    I would like to inquire about a possible US Open game and here is a format a friend used for the Masters. He did it manually and it took forever.

    1. Am I reading it correctly that it will cost $20 and you will set up the contest?

    2. The Format: There were 6 Tiers. Each entrant was able to pick 8 golfers. Tier 1 had Top 5 golfers and you selected 1. Tier 2 had the next 5 ranked golfers and you selected 1. Tier 3 had the next 20 ranked golfers and you selected 2. Tier 4 had the next 20 ranked golfers and you selected 2. Tier 5 had the next 30 ranked golfers and you selected 1 and Tier 6 had the remaining (usually ranked 100 or higher) and you selected 1.

    3. For scoring, your top 5 golfers counted. Golfers that did not make the cut received a score of 80 for Saturday and Sunday.

    4. There is a chance I could have over 200 entrants.

    Does this sound like a contest you could or would handle or am I misunderstanding the site.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Michael – The only part of that we aren’t setup handle (YET) is the picking of a different number of golfers within each tier. You could setup each tier to include the golfers you desire but each tier requires the same amount of golfers be selected. (pick 1 from all tiers, or pick 2 from all tiers, etc…). Hope that clarifies. -Sean

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