How To Run A Masters Pool

If you’re reading this you have probably decided you’d like to run some type of Masters pool and you’re just not exactly where to start or what you need to do exactly. Congratulations, you’ve made it to the right place. Best of all, it’s easy, free, and fast with Easy Office Pools.

See below for a detailed guide on everything you need to know on How to Run a Masters Pool.

How to Run A Master Pool – 6 Easy Steps

  1. Determining your Masters Pool Format
  2. Sending Masters Pool Invitations
  3. Performing Masters Pool Maintenance
  4. Scoring your Masters Pool


Determine your Masters Pool Format

  • No need to make this harder than it needs to be. Many pool experiences are ruined due to formats being too hard to understand and even harder to track.
  • Easy Office Pools has Pre-Set format options and allows you to fully customize your pool if desired. Our most popular Masters pool format is Pick 6, Use 4. This is the default format when you setup a Masters Pool online with our software, where everyone picks from 6 tiers of golfers and adds their to par score together to determine the winner.
  • Decide to run a Snake Draft or Online Picksheet for choosing teams. 
    • Here’s a list and description of 4 Simple Masters Pool Formats to help you pick the best one for your Masters pool.
    • Run a Masters snake draft with your closest people. Easily done over text or in person, determine a random draft order and everyone picks a golfer for their team. Here would be the snake draft order for 4 people, each choosing 4 golfers: 

      1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1,1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1Once a golfer is selected, they can’t be selected by anyone else

Send Masters Pool Invitations

  • With Easy Office Pools, Pool Admin will be provided a Join My Masters Pool link that can be shared with potential participants. (friends, family, co-workers, customers etc…) 
    • Posting the link on your social media is a great way to increase the volume of pool entries making it even more exciting to be part of.
    • Your Master Pool link will take them directly to your pool picksheet. 
    • Participants easily select their picks and submit entries. No emails, no spreadsheets and no headaches for the pool admin!
  • If you want to manage your pool manually, you can download the Masters pool spreadsheet resource
  • No experience required for participating.
    • Often people are weary of joining a pool because they think it’s a complicated process and have never done it before. But technology makes it super simple. All the have to do is pick their golfers from an online form and then follow the automatic updating pool leaderboard


Masters Pool Maintenance

  • Your poolies are bound to need some last minute team adjustments. No need to worry, they can edit their team up to the Masters pool entry deadline. 
  • Upon submitting picks each entrant will receive a confirmation email and a link to edit their picks. 
  • Pool Admins have full access to make any pool edits or adjustments required


Scoring your Masters Pool

  • Easy Office Pools does all of the scoring for you and your poolies can enjoy up to the minute scoring on your live leaderboard
  • Here is an example leaderboard
  • You decide how to score your pool. Here are options: 
    • To Par – simply add all golfers to par scores. Whoever has lowest total wins
    • Money earnings – whoever has the most money earnings across all golfers wins
    • Daily bests – use the top 4 or 5 scores from each day to form your team score.
  • Please note, the Leaderboard will only show who (team name) has entered the pool and how many entrants are in your Masters Pool. 
    • The actual players picked by each entrant can be viewed once play is underway. 


Best of all, Free Online Masters Pools available for small pools!

  • Masters Pools with 4 or fewer entrants are free. 
  • Unlock Unlimited Entries with one payment of $20.
    • There are no fees for the participants. Pool admin will pay a one time fee of $20 during pool set up and that’s it. No hidden fees, no blocked content and no upselling. 


Collecting Entry Fees 

  • Easy Office Pools does not collect pool entry fees or administer any payouts. Our software is for entertainment purposes only. We do not endorse any gambling. 


There you have it. We invite you to give the software a test drive – setup a free online PGA Pool for any upcoming tournament  leading up to the Masters. There you can familiarize yourself with all of the many great features Easy Office Pools has created to make running and participating in pools EASY and FUN.  



Happy Pooling!


  1. Bryan Fitzpatrick says:

    How do you handle players picked that do not make the weekend cut ?

    • Hi Bryan – Cut golfers are assigned an 80 or the Highest Carded Round for rounds 3 and 4. The admin can choose from those two options. Hope that clarifies! – Sean

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