College Football Bowl Pool

How the Pool Works

  • Pick winners of each bowl, straight up
  • 4 points for picking correct national champion. 2 points for picking correct semi final winner. 1 point for all other correct bowls. Customize Point System if desired.
  • Winner is whoever has most points after national championship



Our online setup and automatic scoring of your pool is $20 for each pool, paid only by the pool admin.

Customize Points for Each Bowl Game

If you want a custom point setup you can specify how much each game is worth.

college bowl pool custom point system

Bowl Game Schedule

Bowl Matchup Points
Celebration Bowl 12/15 @ 12pm ET North Carolina A&T vs Alcorn State 1
New Mexico Bowl 12/15 @ 2pm North Texas vs Utah State 1
Cure Bowl 12/15 @ 2:30pm Tulane vs Louisiana-Lafayette 1
Las Vegas Bowl 12/15 @ 3:30pm Fresno State vs Arizona State 1
Camellia Bowl 12/15 @ 5:30pm Georgia Southern vs Eastern Michigan 1
New Orleans Bowl 12/15 @ 9pm Middle Tennessee vs Appalachian State 1
Boca Raton Bowl 12/18 @ 7pm UAB vs Northern Illinois 1
Frisco Bowl 12/19 @ 8pm San Diego State vs Ohio 1
Gasparilla Bowl 12/20 @ 8pm Marshall vs South Florida 1
Bahamas Bowl 12/21 @ 12:30pm FIU vs Toledo 1
Potato Bowl 12/21 @ 4pm Western Michigan vs BYU 1
Birmingham Bowl 12/22 @ 12pm Memphis vs Wake Forest 1
Armed Forces Bowl 12/22 @ 3:30pm Houston vs Army 1
Dollar General Bowl 12/22 @ 7pm Buffalo vs Troy 1
Hawaii Bowl 12/22 @ 10:30pm Lousiana Tech vs Hawaii 1
First Responder Bowl 12/26 @ 1:30pm Boston College vs Boise State 1
Quick Lane Bowl 12/26 @ 5:15pm Minnesota vs Georgia Tech 1
Cheez-It Bowl 12/26 @ 9pm California vs TCU 1
Independence Bowl 12/27 @ 1:30pm Temple vs Duke 1
Pinstripe Bowl 12/27 @ 5:15pm Miami (FL) vs Wisconsin 1
Texas Bowl 12/27 @ 9pm Baylor vs Vanderbilt 1
Music City Bowl 12/28 @ 1:30pm Purdue vs Auburn 1
Camping World Bowl 12/28 @ 5:15pm West Virginia vs Syracuse 1
Arizona Bowl 12/29 @ 1:15pm Arkansas State vs Nevada 1
Alamo Bowl 12/28 @ 9pm Iowa State vs Washington State 1
Peach Bowl 12/29 @ 12pm Florida vs Michigan 1
Belk Bowl 12/29 @ 12pm South Carolina vs Virginia 1
*PLAYOFFS* Cotton Bowl 12/29 @ 4pm Clemson vs Notre Dame 2
*PLAYOFFS* Orange Bowl 12/29 @ 8pm Alabama vs Oklahoma 2
Military Bowl 12/31 @ 12pm Cincinnati vs Virginia Tech 1
Sun Bowl 12/31 @ 2pm Stanford vs Pittsburgh 1
Redbox Bowl 12/31 @ 3pm Michigan State vs Oregon 1
Liberty Bowl 12/31 @ 3:45pm Missouri vs Oklahoma State 1
Holiday Bowl 12/31 @ 7pm Northwestern vs Utah 1
Gator Bowl 12/31 @ 7:30pm NC State vs Texas A&M 1
Outback Bowl 01/01 @ 12pm Mississippi State vs Iowa 1
Citrus Bowl 01/01 @ 1pm Kentucky vs Penn State 1
Fiesta Bowl 01/01 @ 1pm LSU vs UCF 1
Rose Bowl 01/01 @ 5pm Washington vs Ohio State 1
Sugar Bowl 01/01 @ 8:45pm Texas vs Georgia 1
National Championship 01/07 TBD 4

Weighted point system for playoff picks and bowl game picks

In order to recognize the importance of the playoff games, selecting the correct winner from those games is more heavily awarded when you tally your final score.

If you have a custom setup you’re after, reach out to us at and we can customize a point system for your pool.


  • Whoever picked the National Champion
  • Whoever picked the most correct semi final games

Pick Deadline

All picks must be in before the first bowl game on December 15th, 2018.

Tell Us Your Custom Format

Let us know which format you enjoyed and if there are any other options we should consider building custom software for on Easy Office Pools. Leave a comment below or send us an email at



  1. Tyler Jarrard says:

    Would a better tie breaker be total points in the National Championship?

    I’d wager 90%+ of folks will be on Bama/Clemson this year.

    • Hi Tyler – Yeah that’s a good idea. We’ll have to make that upgrade for next year or ask your participants to include their guess at the end of their team name, like “Team Tyler (56 pts)” … not ideal, but the best we can do for this year’s pools. – Sean

  2. Jeff Boling says:

    We normally pick the Top 25 bowls and then have each person pick the winner and assign a point value form 1 – 25. If you pick the right team you get the points you assigned to that pick, if your team loses you get minus those points. This is done on each bowl and the total points are added up. You must assign a unique point value to each bowl (cant use 13 twice for example).

  3. Curt Walter says:

    Do you have a college football pool for all the bowl games that doesn’t have to be manually managed?

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