2019 Masters Golf Pool Changes

In preparation for the 2019 Masters, we made many platform changes to make it easier for you to setup and maintain your Masters pool and other PGA golf pools. Below is a summary of all changes.

For all golf pool features and examples, visit our PGA Single Tournament Pool page, or for a list of ideas on how to organize your pool, checkout our 4 Simple Masters Pool Ideas article.

Change #1 – New Login Experience

Supply your email and we’ll send you a link to login. If you’d prefer to setup a password you can optionally do that after your initial login. No longer do you have to know your pool number or entry number to edit pools or team entries.


Change #2 – Scoring Rules

When you create your pool, you decide if your live leaderboard will default to $$ earnings or To Par or Daily Bests scoring. This selection is used in the “How it Works” section of your pool invitation so you can easily explain (copy & paste) the scoring to your poolies. As always, the pool admin has final say on all scoring and should let all poolies know what scoring options are in play for the pool.


Change #3 – Beautiful Invitation

Because your pool is THE BEST pool, it deserves a fancy invitation. Shouldn’t your pool have the same pomp & circumstance as the Masters itself?


Change #4 – Easiest Way to Join a Pool Online

Send your poolies your pool’s auto generated custom link … then they simply click, pick, then enjoy the live leaderboard. No account creation or password necessary. No app download required.

No longer do you need to communicate a pool number and password for your poolies to join your pool. You can though … you can also direct them to go to easyofficepools.com/join and enter you join code.


Change #5 – Custom Picksheet Flexibility


Most golf pool admins choose EOP because they’ve been running a golf pool in excel forever and now want to run it online. To accommodate more setups, we’ve made the picksheet setup fully customizable. Now you can have a setup like … Pick 1 from group of DJ/Rory/Rose/JT, pick 2 from the next 10 best golfers, then pick 3 from the remainder of the field.


Change #6 – Edit Teams

Click on a team name in the Entries section of your pool admin page and easily update picks or other entry information.


Change #7 – Quick Entry from Offline (Great for Golf Pool Drafts!)

From your admin screen quickly key in teams that were selected from an offline draft. You don’t have to enter via the online picksheet.


Change #8 – Export / Print Picksheet

Easier to get a more printer friendly version of your picksheet in case you want to collect paper entries


We Need Your Input

Golf remains EOP’s top priority for future development. If you are a golf pool admin passionate about all things golf pool related, let us know your format ideas, tips to run a successful pool, and feedback to influence future EOP golf pool software enhancements. Comment below or reach out via email.


Reach out to easyofficepools@gmail.com with any questions or feedback.


Enjoy the Masters and have a great pool!


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