NFL Playoff Pool Ideas

The best (and easiest) NFL playoff pool ideas, for those of us that aren’t ready to give up on fantasy football once the regular season ends. In no particular order.

#1 NFL Playoff Takeover Pool

Works best with 12, 6, 4, 3, or 2 people. Everyone gets randomly assigned teams (or you can pick teams). If your team covers the spread, you advance. If your team wins but doesn’t cover the spread, your opponent “takes over” your team for the next round. Whoever owns the team that covers the spread in the Super Bowl wins the pool.

  • If there is a tie, the favorite wins
  • Spreads pulled from the morning of each game (no live spreads used)
  • If you have fewer than 12 people you have to assign more than 1 team for each person. Spread teams evenly across AFC/NFC to avoid head to head matchups against one self

#2 NFL Playoff Confidence Pool

Assign all 12 playoff teams a confidence factor of 1-12. You can only use each confidence rating once. Each time a team wins, you get the number of points you assigned. Whoever has most points after Super Bowl wins.

  • Teams with byes (i.e. likely favorites) will have fewer opportunities to get a win, which adds a little more strategy.

#3 NFL Playoff Squares Pool

Everyone gets randomly assigned squares in a 10×10 squares board. There are 100 squares total. A square wins 1 betting unit if the winning team and losing team’s score are in the correct box.

What other formats do you use?

Reply with a comment below or email us at with additional NFL playoff pool ideas.

Enjoy the playoffs!


  1. clarence haynes says:

    playoff both team start on 50 yard line 55 yard goal are better 4 point less then 55 yard 3 point

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