How To Run A PGA Golf Pool for Your Club Members

There is no better way than a fun contest to engage your club members with some friendly off course competition. Our PGA Money Earnings pool is designed for you to host a draft in your clubhouse or even send online entry forms to all your members.

Here’s How It Works

  • Invite your members to pick a team of golfers
  • Whoever’s golfers earn the most money throughout the season wins
  • We manage the online entry forms and online leaderboards throughout the PGA season
  • You provide a prize for the winner of your pool. Bigger the prize, better the results for your club and your members.
  • Optionally give away weekly prizes for bigger PGA events or when you want to drive a promotion for your club



Courses around the country are having HUGE SUCCESS engaging their members with our PGA Golf contests.


This was the most successful social media campaign we ever ran. For each golf major 1,000+ members join our contest and love following along throughout the weekend to see if their team wins. Lining up an awesome prize for the winner is key – the bigger the prize, the bigger the interest from members, and the more valuable the contest is for our club and members.

Cole Handley, Director of Revenue, Poppy Hills


Step by Step Setup


Start Engaging Your Members Today – Only $20 for the WHOLE SEASON!


We’re happy to answer any questions over a phone call or email. Reach out and we’ll respond promptly.

Hope your golf season is a good one!

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