How to Run a PGA Golf Pool That Your Members Will Love

Looking for a new AWESOME way to engage with your membership? Try Running a U.S. Open Pool.

Running a pool with Easy Office Pools seriously couldn’t be any easier. You’ll be set up in less than 5 minutes and all that’s left is spreading the word to your membership. In this post we will cover the following:

  • Why you MUST run a U.S. Open pool for your membership.
  • 3 Simple actions to make your pool dreams a reality.
  • How to optimize performance by channeling your inner Jim Nantz.
  • Methods for Success: What we’ve seen others do that worked.

Why you MUST run a pool for your members.

As your club’s Golf Professional you wear a ton of hats and your free time is almost non existent. To add a little fuel to the fire the club is looking at you to find more and new ways to engage your membership.

Setting up a U.S. Open pool will be your knock-out punch for the year and it’s something you can do for every Major or better yet all season long! The good news for you is that…we do 98% of the work! We only need three simple things from you and what you’ll get in return will be:

  • Total club excitement on a promotion you created and can execute with ease.
  • Great conversations and bonds built between members and staff. (We encourage your team to make picks so they can be part of the conversation and understand the process.)
  • Another feather in your cap as an innovative thinker bringing new ideas to celebrate your membership and the game of golf.
  • Long term return. Once you’ve done the first pool, they’ll be knocking at your door waiting on the next one. Sounds like you’ve got yourself a simple, cost effective and highly participated marketing campaign!
  • An opportunity to engage entire membership with very little time or resource requirements.

3 Simple Actions To Make Your Pool Dreams A Reality:

  • Complete 5 minute pool setup. (Select from preset formats or customize your own.)
  • Pay $20 to allow for hosting, tracking, scoring and Live Leaderboard.
  • Invite your members to enjoy the fun!

Easy Office Pools will provide you with a link to send to your membership where they can select their team name and make their picks. (You can also enter them manually as admin.) Once they make their picks they can see their name on your unique Live Leaderboard. When the action begins, everyone in your pool can enjoy live updates all tournament long, they can see everyone that entered the pool and watch how their picks measure up against the rest.

Optimize Performance By Channeling Your Inner Jim Nantz:

If you want to go next level on it, we suggest sending pre, during, and post event updates or highlights to get the competitive juices flowing. Channel your inner Jim Nantz and provide your members with a U.S. Open tradition unlike any other. You can send flash updates of major leaderboard changes, spotlight great team selections or not so great selections, root for favorite players making birdies etc.. This is a great opportunity to spotlight specific members and boost their egos (who doesn’t love that?)

Methods for Success: What we’ve seen that works great:

  • Add a prize: the bigger the prize the easier the buy-in.  Maybe it’s a preferred tee time, lesson package, prime parking spot, $1,ooo,ooo? You get it, go big and they’ll love it!
  • Overemphasize how easy it is to sign up. Train your staff to help walk them through it. It’s literally about 3 steps but we’ve learned that many members are hesitant in the beginning. Once they’ve done it once you’ll have a supporter for life but for your first pool you’ll need to get hands on if you want it to really generate excitement club wide.
  • Use paper picksheets in your restaurant or bar. Catch them sitting around enjoying a beer and train your service team to ask if they’ve made their picks. Your staff can easily enter the picksheets manually prior to tournament start.
  • Use social media to supercharge the conversation. If you have an active social membership you can get a ton of great competitive conversations going. You’ll hear them talking about it on the putting green and in the bar for months after the event.
  • Spread the word and start building it up now! Pools will typically open on the Monday of the tournament week. We go live once the field is set. Once that happens you’ll send out your invite links to all of your members. If that email is the first time they’ve heard about it your entries are going to be weak. If you and team have been building it up 2-3 weeks prior the pool entries will come flooding in on that Monday and you’ve got yourself a new member engagement silver bullet!

At this point we hope you’re as excited as we are for you!

Here’s a quick recap of what you want to do next and a suggested timeline to optimize your members engagement and enjoyment.

  • Start spreading the word about the epic U.S. Open Pool you’re putting together.
  • Train staff to start the conversation about the pool and encourage them to share how great and easy it’s going to be to be part of.
  • Post signage to bring awareness of the U.S. Open pool coming soon.
  • Tell your members when and how they’ll be invited to join the pool (June 8th is looking like the day Easy Office Pools will go live for creating U.S. Open Pools)
  • Create your pool on June 8th (you might want to consider setting up a pool for a small group or for your staff for the Memorial or RBC as a test run.)
  • Send out your invites to members and staff once pool is created. (We’ve already made your invitation, you’ll just need to copy and paste it in an email to your membership, they click link, make picks, and enjoy live leaderboard scoring). BOOM!
  • Announce winner. (When you announce your winner the stage is perfectly set to announce your next pool! Might we suggest The Open Championship taking place the following month?)
  • That’s it! You’re a rockstar!

Want a reminder for when U.S. Open Pools go live?

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Want to set up a test run for your staff or a small group to get familiar with the process?

Click here to create a pool for an upcoming PGA tournament.

Happy Pooling!
-Easy Office Pools


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