Kentucky Derby Office Pool

Overview of Pool

Create a board with a list of all the horses slated to race in the Kentucky Derby (this could be done for the Preakness or any other race too). Have all of the pool participants sign their name by the horse that they believe will win. Everybody antes the same amount of money and whoever selected the winning horse divvies up pot.

If 9 out of the 10 participants select the favored horse, and she wins, they will have to split the winnings 9 ways, but if the person that selected the underdog wins they get the proceeds to themselves.

Date & Time

The 2021 Kentucky Derby is on Saturday, May 1st shortly after 6:30 P.M. ET.

The Horses & Odds

Here are the odds to Win 2021 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs as of April 23rd, 2021. These odds, and horses, are subject to and will likely change before the derby. Be sure to check fresh odds the day of the race.

Link to check live odds:

Essential Quality 3/1
Rock Your World 6/1
Known Agenda 8/1
Highly Motivated 10/1
Hot Rod Charlie 10/1
Medina Spirit 15/1
Midnight Bourbon 20/1
Mandaloun 20/1
Super Stock 20/1
Caddo River 30/1
Sour and Sandwich 30/1
O Besos 30/1
Like the King 40/1
Bourbonic 40/1
Helium 40/1
Dynamic One 40/1
Sainthood 50/1
Hidden Stash 50/1
Get Her Number 50/1

Download the Excel Template

If you are interested in using the excel template below click the link or image.

Download Excel Template
Kentucky Derby Office Pool Template Screenshot

Screenshot of Pool

Here is a photo of my board from a previous Kentucky Derby. I was at a Kentucky Derby party (which I highly recommended hosting or attending) so we used a whiteboard instead of a spreadsheet. Notice that you can put your initials on more than one horse, and you can also initial the same horse more than once.

Oh yeah … I won, which never happens!

kentucky derby pool screenshot



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