NBA Office Pool for Dummies

NBA Office Pool Header ImageNo need to update your lineup each week. 

No need for a lengthy draft.

No need to really be knowledgeable about the NBA.

Incredibly entertaining? Absolutely.

Sound like your kind of low-maintenance Fantasy NBA League? If so, read on.

Based on the popular NFL Wins Pool format, we’ve created a NBA office pool format for the NBA season, a NBA Wins Pool, where you draft teams and add their wins together at the end of the season to determine the league winner.

Consider this example which we’ve taken from a NBA Wins Pool from last year:

NBA Office Pool - NBA Wins Pool

As you can see, each person participating in the pool drafted 3 NBA teams and at the end of the season Keith was the winner because his team had the most cumulative wins, 160 in total.

(darn Timberwolves … can’t count on them for anything).

If you know of a cooler basketball office pool, please comment below and let the debate ensue. Otherwise, gather a group of friends, create your league, and watch the drama unfold! You can create your league at any point throughout the season.

NBA Office Pool - Create

Email us at if you have any questions.

Cheers and enjoy the season (with the best NBA Office Pool ever!!!!)

~ Sean and Tom




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