NFL 33 Pool – Rules, Templates, Online Management

Pool Objective

Be assigned a NFL team that scores 33 points for the week (regardless of win, loss, or tie). This typically happens only a few times a season.


NFL 33 Pool Screenshot For the sake of illustration, this shows that Alex wins twice and Sean wins once, so they split the pot proportionally.

How Many People Can Participate?

With our version your pool can have as few as 2 or as many people as you can get to join.

There is no limit on the number of entrants!

Pool Rules

  • Everyone in the pool is randomly assigned 1 or more NFL teams each week
  • If you are assigned a team that scores exactly 33 points for that week, you are the winner for the week. If more than one person is assigned your same team they also are considered a winner that week.
  • When you create a pool, you enter all of the people participating and our system randomly assigns all the teams that are playing each week to one or more people.
  • If you have more than 25 participants, NFL teams will be assigned to more than one participant during weeks when there are more participants than there are NFL teams playing a regular season game.
  • If you have fewer than 25 participants, some NFL teams playing that week will not be assigned.
  • At the end of the season, all of the winners split the pot (since we aren’t a gambling site, let’s say the pot is 20 cookies).
  • Winners in the screenshot example above would be Alex and Sean, with Alex getting 2/3 of the pot and Sean getting 1/3 of the pot at the end of the season. This would really go out all 17 weeks of the season, but for the sake of illustration we are only showing 5 weeks.


All you are required to enter is a list of everyone that is participating in your pool. From there, we randomly assign people teams throughout the NFL season and keep track of the NFL scores each week.

Your participants will have access to a no-login-required View Page where they can monitor live standings.

Pricing – Free and Premium Options

This pool is free to setup with the random team assignments. For live scoring, there is $15 upgrade fee paid only by the pool administrator.

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Send us an email at … we’re happy to answer any questions about this pool or other pools.

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  1. JOHN O'SHEA says:

    Is the 33 point pool different this year – last year we had 32 players and each player got a bye assigned in some week – it looks like this year the program won’t assign byes but will assign 2 players the same team? Am I reading that right for more than 25 players?
    Keep up the great work!

    • Hi John – Unfortunately we aren’t planning on running the 33 pool again this year unless there is a huge spike in demand. There just hasn’t been much appetite for it so we decided to discontinue it last year. The way we had done it is to assign people multiple teams so all teams were in play each week and no one had a bye. Hope that clarifies! – Sean

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