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2016 NFL Wins Pool – Fantasy Football by Team Wins


Our NFL Office Pool format is different than your typical fantasy football experience. With an NFL Wins Pool, each person simply chooses the teams that you think will get the most wins and use their records at the end of the season to determine the champion.

NFL Office Pool Example from 2012

(Kevin won with 75 points):

NFL Office Wins Pool Example

Setup your NFL Office Pool today by clicking the link below and entering the teams that each of you pool participants have chosen. Our website will calculate the standings each week automatically for everyone to view as desired.

How to Play

  1. Determine how many people will be in your pool and how many teams they will draft. It’s nice to draft as many teams as possible from the NFL. For example, if you have 6 people in your pool you could each draft 5 teams.
  2. Determine draft order. You can draw names from a hat and then use the snake method, or use the method that Bill Simmons mentions in his NFL Wins Pool article .
  3. Draft teams
  4. Enter draft results on our Create Page.
  5. Send players your personalized URL where they can view live standings as games complete each week.

Other Wins Pools

We also host NBA, NHL, and MLB wins pools of the same format, so check back to our create page at the start of those professional seasons.

Your Thoughts

If you enjoy this format please let us know by dropping a comment below.


  1. Erik Joramo says:

    Can Players in the pool share a team? For example;Bob likes Seattle and So does Randy. can they both use seattle?

  2. Hi Sean –

    What have you done with ties in this pool? Are you counting them as a half win or does each team get a zero? A point of much debate in a league I’m in as it wasn’t addressed on the front end.

  3. Hey. I love this site and have used it for years. In the NFL pools last year you used the teams helmets instead of a block of color. The helmets were better. I’d love if you changed it back.

  4. What happens when the teams you draft play against one another? Do the win/lose go towards your record?

  5. Scott Frost says:

    Will this be working/updated for 2016/17 season? The rams are still shown as St Louis

  6. Question – What happens when playoff time comes around? Do the wins pools keep going or do they end at the regular season end?

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