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Tiger Woods will be playing against Phil Mickelson in an 18-hole winner-take-all showdown on the Friday following Thanksgiving.  The match-play event will be played in Las Vegas and will be on live pay-per-view.

Tiger and Phil getting together for a high stakes 1on1 match play is an exciting event and offers an opportunity for a fun contest.

We borrowed some prop bet ideas from the bookkeepers in Las Vegas and came up with a few of our own.

Format for scoring our prop bet pool is easy- make your predictions and add up total number of points…  Winner is the individual with the most cumulative points!


Prop Bets & Scoring Format

(1) Who will win the match?

  • Tiger = 15 points
  • Phil = 25 points


(2) What color shirt will Tiger be wearing?

  • Red = 2 points
  • White = 3 Points
  • Black = 4 points
  • All others = 1 point


(3) What color shirt will Phil be wearing?

  • White = 1 point
  • Black = 2 points
  • Blue = 3 Points
  • All Others = 4 points


(4) Who will take the first shot of the round?

  • Tiger = 3 points
  • Phil = 3 points


(5) Who will make the first birdie?

  • Tiger = 2 points
  • Phil = 3 points


(6) Who will force the opponent to take the shortest putt?

  • Tiger = 2 points
  • Phil = 1 point


(7) Who will hit the longest drive of the day?

  • Tiger = 2 points
  • Phil = 2 points


(8) Who will be closest to the pin on a par 3?

  • Tiger = 2 points
  • Phil = 2 points


(9) Who will make the longest putt of the day?

  • Tiger = 2 points
  • Phil = 1 point


(10) How many Tiger fist pumps?

  • 1 or more = 2 points
  • None = 2 points


(11) Which player will challenge the other with a prop (side) bet first?

  • Tiger = 3 points
  • Phil = 1 point
  • Neither = 2 points


(12) Which hole will the match end at?

  • 17 or 18 = 2 points
  • 15 or 16 = 4 points
  • 14 or before = 8 points
  • 19 or after (play-off) = 3 points


** If a single shot gets played on a hole, we’ll consider that hole to have been played. For example, if Phil concedes the match on 16 fairway after hitting his tee shot, the match ends on 16. Also for example, if Tiger wins 4&3 after finishing the 15th hole, and no shots are taken on hole 16, the match ends on hole 15.

* Tiebreaker – Scorecard Playoff

Sort each tied players answers by the most points first. The winner of the tiebreaker is the person who answered the question worth the most points. For example, if we tie and both pick the correct winner of the match as Phil for 25 points, but I guess correctly the match ends at hole 15 or 16 (4 pts) and your next highest point answer is 3 pts for guessing Tiger will challenge with first prop side bet, then I win the scorecard playoff.

* Additional Tiebreakers

Any additional tiebreakers are at the discretion of each pool admin. We recommend a random draw if the first tiebreaker explained above doesn’t settle the tie.


Automatic Scoring

Scoring of the match play competition will be done live as the event plays out.  Each correct prediction will add points as outlined above, incorrect predictions will get zero points. Easy Office Pools reserves the right to settle all scoring disputes.


Why You’ll Love the Pool Admin Setup

  • Eliminate the need to calculate results of your pool because our website does it automatically
  • Eliminate the need to send your pool members updates. Instead, simply direct them to a personalized web page for your pool.
  • Provide all your pool members the ability to access results from their phone/tablet/desktop … LIVE!


Get Your Pool Started

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Good luck —  enjoy The Match!





  1. Will you post the answers? I’m curious how it all worked out!

  2. Love how easy you guys are making these pools! We have done 6 or 7 this year now. Any way to create a squares pool for the Tiger and Phil match similar to a Super Bowl Pool?

    Thanks for any insight

    Cameron Morton, PGA
    Head Professional
    Lake Valley Golf Club

  3. Question #10 is superfluous! It makes no difference if Tiger makes no fist pumps or 18 fist pumps – the score is the same – 2 points! What a waste of space!

    • Hi Larry – Only one of the answers will earn points – no fist pumps or 1 or more fist pumps. We updated the wording on this page to match the picksheet. Hope that clarifies! Let us know if you have questions. Thanks for reaching out. -Sean

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