MLB Playoff Box Pool Template

The MLB Playoff Box Pool is an easy & fun pool to setup with your friends or family once the MLB Playoff Teams are announced.

How It Works

  • Create a 5×5 squares grid
  • Write your name in one or more squares ($10 a square)
  • After all squares are filled, randomly write in the MLB Playoff teams
  • If your name is in any winning box as descirbed below you win!

Winning Boxes & Payouts

  • $110 – Both World Series teams
  • $40 – Loser of ALCS & Loser of NLCS
  • $10 – One World Series team, not both (8 winning boxes)
  • $10 – Both losers of Wild Card games
  • $10 – First loser of ALDS and first loser of NLDS

Screenshot & Download the MLB Playoff Box Pool Template Spreadsheet

Click to Download

mlb playoff box pool template screenshot

Other MLB Playoff Pools

In addition to the MLB Playoff Box Pool format, you may also want to try a MLB Playoff Confidence Wins Pool that involves a bit more strategy. This box pool is definitely the easiest to setup and monitor though. Let us know in the comments below if you have other great MLB Playoff Pool Ideas.

Enjoy the MLB Playoffs!!

Happy pooling.

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