MLB Playoff Pool – Confidence Wins Pool

Pool Objective

Assign a unique confidence rating (1-10) for all 10 teams in the MLB postseason and you get that amount of points for each of their playoff wins. The person with the most points after the World Series wins the pool.

MLB Playoff Pool Example from 2014

MLB Playoff Pool Example Picks

The screenshot above is an example picksheet with results from the 2014 playoffs. I weighted the higher seeds in both American and National leagues highest.

Unfortunately the top seeds (LA Angels and Washington) only won 1 game total between the two, so my total point yield was poor. Ideally you want the teams you weight highest to get the most wins.

Here is playoff bracket from 2014:

MLB Playoff Pool 2014 Bracket

All the teams in the playoffs (10 teams made the playoffs as of this writing in 2015) are weighted on your picksheet. In 2014, if you would have taken a chance on San Francisco by weighting them with a 10, it would have had a big payoff since they were World Series champs.

The two wild card teams are a risk, though, since there is a great possibility that they will be eliminated with 0 wins because of the 1 game playoff (i.e. play-in) format.

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MLB Playoff Pool Template Screenshot

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